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On drawings, abbr. for “total.”
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Never mind This Morning - what about yesterday morning as tipsy Holly Willoughby totters home after a girls' night (and day) out with her best mates.
LOSING IT Gaga's top slips down as she poses on her way into the CFDA awards THIGH There She totters in on 24in heels and billowing dress RISQUE At party she's down to a sheer body stocking with just a few wellplaced bits to cover her, err, modesty
TRUE GRIT Deck the hall with bells and holly Here comes Grandma with her brolly Looking unsteady as she totters in Methinks Grandma's been on the gin.
So, it comes to pass that when the raven-haired bird flies the Yorkshire Television tower, England totters .
enough's enough and she eases her heels off in a car Picture: GREG BRENNAN; MONDAY Gwyn totters in platforms; WEDNESDAY She sways in stilettos; THURSDAY She towers in more spikes; Sole mates...
Sometimes it involves shoddy goods, dangerous goods, goods that are no good, but despite all of it the practice has become addictive to the buying of tat and transforming whole communities into hordes of totters.
Birmingham has a crisis management - it totters from one near disaster to another.
So Peggy totters up to the mourners, shouting 'You murderous slaaag!'.
And, in a tour of the Acton totters' yards ['totters' were the London rag-and-bone collectors], the boys find an ancient draught horse, used to hauling coal, whose owner no longer wants it.
Financial aid and admissions representatives should make every effort to write articles or totters discussing the affordability of college, and send them to the editors of regional and national publications.
So, for instance, the steel panelled hull of the auditorium bulges out through the main glass facade on to the square, and the box containing a reading room and administrative offices totters precariously above the building's entrance canopy, itself supported by fashionably angular pilotis.