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On drawings, abbr. for “total.”
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So Peggy totters up to the mourners, shouting 'You murderous slaaag
Financial aid and admissions representatives should make every effort to write articles or totters discussing the affordability of college, and send them to the editors of regional and national publications.
So, for instance, the steel panelled hull of the auditorium bulges out through the main glass facade on to the square, and the box containing a reading room and administrative offices totters precariously above the building's entrance canopy, itself supported by fashionably angular pilotis.
King noted that under Taylor, Liberia totters on the verge of chaos.
Totters (77-7) got the better of Belle Vue (76-7) and Standard (136-6) defeated Jaguar-Daimler (124-8).
Like a terrified bird in constant motion, always on the verge of imbalance, she jerks her head, twitches her fingers as she wavers, wobbles, totters on her toes.
American Manhood, to be sure, at times totters upon a far thinner monographical foundation than At Odds, and consequently Rotundo's conclusions occasionally lack Degler's complexity and depth.