virtual keyboard

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virtual keyboard

(1) An on-screen keyboard that is used with a mouse. An accessibility option for people with impairments, the keys are pressed by pointing to the key on screen and clicking the mouse.

(2) A keyboard displayed on a touchscreen. Also called a "soft keyboard," tapping the "virtual keys" with a stylus or finger is the same as pressing a real key on a keyboard. Contrast with physical keyboard. See soft key.

The iPhone's Virtual Keyboard
Until you remove your finger on the iPhone keyboard, there is no input. If you press the wrong letter, which you can tell immediately from the enlarged letter feedback, you can slide your finger to the correct letter and then let go.

(3) A full keyboard displayed from a pocket-sized projector. When a person types, the key depressions are picked up by an optical or electronic beam.

Lightweight and Full Size
This small Brookstone unit (red arrow) projects a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface, allowing a full-size keyboard to be used anywhere.
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Users can transform the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ into a Touch Keyboard and Touch Pad with the DeX Pad.
By taking advantage of the technology, the research team also developed a prototype of what it calls a 3D force touch keyboard.
Typing on the touch keyboard was a challenge initially, but I got a hang of it, and gradually enjoyed using it.
12 -- Logitech has announced a new wireless touch keyboard named Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus.
Tapping away with the native iPhone touch keyboard is already a treat but surely the room for improvement is always there.
Karnataka, May 23 -- Astrum Holdings, the company dedicated in creating intelligent products for use with computers, tablets and mobiles, today launched Elete Tpad touch keyboard.
The touch keyboard is visually very similar to the patented BlackBerry board.
This is why the focus of RIM has clearly been on developing a better touch keyboard experience or coming with a much improved camera app.
Much like the slide-out keyboard, the touch keyboard feels cramped and is hard to use on the Rise's diminutive screen.
7-millimeter thick kickstand to hold it upright and a 3-millimeter-thick touch keyboard cover that snaps on using magnets.
Although Microsoft's hints many times that "a tablet is a PC", the surface has a kick-stand attached directly to the device and a cover with full touch keyboard that can be attached to the device using magnets (a la iPad's smart cover).
7mm-thick kickstand to hold it upright and a 3mm-thick touch keyboard cover that snaps on using magnets.