touch typing

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touch typing

Typing on a keyboard without looking at the keys. Touch typing has become an essential skill these days no matter what line of work anyone does. In the early days, schools ordered special typewriters with blank keys. Today, blank keys can be simulated with a soft plastic skin that is placed over any computer keyboard.

Touch Typists vs. Hunt and Peck
The average touch typist can type 50 to 60 words per minute (WPM) without typos, while the two-finger typist using the "hunt and peck" method typically achieves only 20 to 30. Fast two-finger typists can reach 50 or more WPM when typing familiar text. Super fast typists can belt out 100 or more (see WPM). See QWERTY keyboard and keyboard.

Learn to Type the Right Way
These keys are covered with a SpeedSkin, which fits over any standard PC or Mac keyboard. (Image courtesy of SpeedSkin, LLC.)

Modern Blank Keyboards
The Das Keyboard is a premium keyboard available with blank key caps for learning how to type. See Das Keyboard. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard,
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Wilfred Beeching's influential history of the keyboard mentions the Cincinnati contest and attaches great importance to it: "Suddenly, to their horror, it dawned upon both the Remington company and the Caligraph company officials, tom between pride and despair, that whoever won was likely to put the other out of business!" Beeching refers to the contest as having established the Remington machine "once and for all." Since no one else at that time had learned touch typing, owners of alternative keyboards found it impossible to counter the claim that Remington's QWERTY keyboard arrangement was the most efficient.
And then there's the need to learn the special alphabet, which although easier to learn than touch typing, is just another inconvenience and a barrier to its widespread adoption.
But practical IT and office skills are valuable wherever there is a computer; for example Microsoft software packages such as Word, Excel and Access are used throughout the world and good touch typing speeds are in demand wherever there is a QWERTY keyboard.
In just 10 hours and with dedicated support from a qualified teacher, this new e-Type course teaches ultra speed touch typing.
When the typing manual is completed, a software program, Touch Typing for Beginners, is used to strengthen and reinforce both speed and accuracy.
The scientists found that 73percent of volunteers were trained in touch typing and used computers an average of 18 hours per week.
One of them, Dawn Broad, who used to teach typing to adults, said: "They're all so computer literate, and they use keyboards all the time so we thought we would teach them touch typing.
Cathy admits to one academic failure, a post-graduate secretarial course at the then Napier College exposed her lack of touch typing skills.
New for 2008 is e-type, the certificate in touch typing, an online course that students can access from college, work or home and gain certification in the number of words per minute they can type.