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touch typing

Typing on a keyboard without looking at the keys. Touch typing has become an essential skill these days no matter what line of work anyone does. In the early days, schools ordered special typewriters with blank keys. Today, blank keys can be simulated with a soft plastic skin that is placed over any computer keyboard.

Touch Typists Vs. Hunt and Peck
The average touch typist can type 50 to 60 words per minute (WPM) without typos, while the two-finger typist using the "hunt and peck" method typically achieves only 20 to 30. Fast two-finger typists can reach 50 or more WPM when typing familiar text. Super fast typists can belt out 100 or more (see WPM). See QWERTY keyboard and keyboard.

Learn to Type the Right Way
These keys are covered with a SpeedSkin, which fits over any standard PC or Mac keyboard. (Image courtesy of SpeedSkin, LLC.)

Modern Blank Keyboards
The Das Keyboard is a premium keyboard available with blank key caps for learning how to type. See Das Keyboard. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard,
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My late friend, Michael Henry Fidelis Mahoney, who was Bing Crosby's press agent, and also the first press agent for the Del Mar race track, never learned to touch-type.
In an ideal world, children would be able to write by hand and touch-type with equal dexterity, but if it came down to a choice between the two, I would say it is more important to be able to type.
This assumption is supported by a study (Wichter, Haas, Canzoneri, & Alexander, 1997) that compared seventh-grade children who went through a computer application course and then learned to touch-type with sixth graders who learned touch-typing prior to the computer application course.
We can see and hear and this touch-type computer would read out to her if she makes any errors.
The contract is for the performance of service delivery pose a street furniture touch-type communication terminal outdoor interactive touch (including the work of installation and connection), lease maintenance and maintenance and removal in end of the market, supply and maintenance of the software product needed, unlimited user licenses, the creation of animated commercials, training of personnel, assistance.
As a lighter side to learning to touch-type, we used the rhythm to type to music.
I define myself by learning to touch-type, learning to play the piano, learning to speak Spanish, by loving modern art and 21st century music, not just by how I present myself to the public eye.
A bright boy who likes maths, Jack has to have one-to-one tuition at school to enable him to read with a magnifying glass and touch-type on a computer.
So a suggestion by Government advisers that all children should be taught to touch-type sounds to me like a sensible idea.
Teachers are calling for children to learn to touch-type as soon as they start school to prepare them for life in the internet age.
This touch-type response and flexible key layout are not offered by keyboards which are sealed in a single casing and are difficult to operate.
Within six months Sue Croft of Powys achieved one of her goals and learned to touch-type.