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touch typing

Typing on a keyboard without looking at the keys. Touch typing has become an essential skill these days no matter what line of work anyone does. In the early days, schools ordered special typewriters with blank keys. Today, blank keys can be simulated with a soft plastic skin that is placed over any computer keyboard.

Touch Typists Vs. Hunt and Peck
The average touch typist can type 50 to 60 words per minute (WPM) without typos, while the two-finger typist using the "hunt and peck" method typically achieves only 20 to 30. Fast two-finger typists can reach 50 or more WPM when typing familiar text. Super fast typists can belt out 100 or more (see WPM). See QWERTY keyboard and keyboard.

Learn to Type the Right Way
These keys are covered with a SpeedSkin, which fits over any standard PC or Mac keyboard. (Image courtesy of SpeedSkin, LLC.)

Modern Blank Keyboards
The Das Keyboard is a premium keyboard available with blank key caps for learning how to type. See Das Keyboard. (Image courtesy of Das Keyboard,
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This observation is supported by studies that show a dramatic decrease in touch-typing ability soon after training (Baddeley & Longman, 1978; Larochelle, 1983).
Pupils could soon be proficient in touch-typing by the age of eight years old, if radical changes proposed for England yesterday are adopted here too.
The main focus is on reading and writing, with touch-typing providing a strong backup.
The NSK can be learned quickly and differs from other attempts at alphabetical-based designs because it is also efficient for high speed touch-typing.
The voluntary pilot scheme aims to inspire them and teach touch-typing even though some cannot even write their own names yet.
Since joining Skillstep, he has brushed up his touch-typing, worked on a mini enterprise project and taken motivational tips from a blind power-lifting world record holder
The union suggests that employers offer touch-typing training or provide a speech recognition software package for sufferers.
Providing the person is not touch-typing, they will keep making spelling mistakes on screen.
A SCHOOL has gained extra sponsorship after 68 of its pupils passed touch-typing examinations in Year Seven.
The New Standard keyboard brings touch-typing within reach of ordinary computer users.
The tiny units clip on to the device allowing you relatively easy touch-typing and gaming nirvana.
The PIA can store data through the UPC scanner, an attached keyboard, handwriting (using a digital pen), or by touch-typing on the on-screen keyboard.