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A device which produces polarized light, such as a Nicol prism or Polaroid sheet.
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a device for obtaining completely or partially polarized light from light with arbitrary polarization characteristics. It is the simplest polarizing device and one of the main elements in more complex devices. Linear polarizers, which produce plane-polarized light, take the form of optically anisotropic polarizing prisms, polarizing sheets, and optical piles of isotropic plates transparent in a given region of the spectrum. A combination of a linear polarizer with quarter-wave plates is used to obtain circularly polarized light. Any polarizer can also be used as an analyzer of polarized radiation.


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Liu, "Optical absorption spectra of tourmaline crystals," Journal of the Chinese Ceramic Society, vol.
Quartz-lined cavities in the pegmatites have yielded wonderful blue topaz and large tourmaline crystals associated with cleave-landitic albite and lepidolite; crystals of beryl, especially aquamarine, resting on feldspar are occasionally found.
We picked up gemstone specimens, studied the mine's interior, observed ongoing work in the tunnels, talked with the miners and learned their customary methods, and even reached out longingly to touch the cross-sections of tourmaline crystal stumps in the tunnel walls.
One week later we hit a small pocket containing one specimen, a quartz crystal about 4 x 5 inches with a rubellite tourmaline crystal flaring out of the center, 2 inches in diameter.
They had mostly tourmaline crystals, and we bought several.
The bag, once removed in the morning was brown and sticky, the result of the toxins sweating out with the tourmaline crystals, tree, herb and bamboo extracts.
11 MAKE the most of his 90 minutes in front of the box by practising your boho curls with the T3 Twirl Curling Iron, a professional ceramic tong made with genuine tourmaline crystals. Available from www.hqhair.com priced pounds 115
Meanwhile, 'Tourmaline crystals are crushed into the T3 ceramic plate in order to encourage the production of negative ions which seal the natural shine and moisture in your hair.' The result?
Dr Paul Rustemeyer (Gundelfingen, Germany) documented colour zoning and growth phenomena in tourmaline crystals. Colourful photographs of slices oriented both perpendicular and parallel to the c-axis showed a wide variety of features, including sequential and face-selective incorporation of chromophore ions, parallel crystal aggregates, re-growth or 'healing', corrosion intervals and delta structures corresponding to the appearance of a second colour phase crystallizing on the same face.
Dozens of short vertical shafts were dug, resulting in the production of several hundred kilograms of green, blue and bicolored (red-green or blue-green) tourmaline crystals. Because so many garimpeiros had appeared, there was insufficient land available to accommodate everyone who wanted to dig, so some of the garimpeiros obtained permission from the farmer to dig on the other side of the hill.
TourmaLine Nano Ceramic CLamp Flat Tron, $23.94 Combines the sealing power of tourmaline crystals with nano-ceramic infrared heat.
Many of the tourmaline crystals are shown before they were sliced and are accompanied by photographs of the resulting slices (or series of slices).