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or tourney,
in the Middle Ages, public contest between armed horsemen in simulation of real battle. In this military game, which flourished from the 12th to the 16th cent., combatants were frequently divided into opposing factions, each led by a champion.
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Men's champions Eastern Company and record 23-time winners Sharkia from Egypt will once again be favourites to dominate the tourney.
Cruz, filling in for Allein Maliksi in the Lebanon tourney, is one of the six players fielded in all nine games in the Jones Cup.
Tourney Machine will provide a tournament management product that is a complement to SI Play's core league and team management and in-game scoring capabilities.
Since its 2013 debut, Tourney Machine has managed more than 780,000 games across 8,000 tournaments, including participation from 393,000 teams and 3m players.
The boys winners of the tourney forming part of the ICTSI-JGFP summer circuit also supported by Philippine Airlines, Martin Lorenzo, Golf Depot and Inquirer Golf were Andre Lanuza (9-10), Josh Jorge (11-12), Marc Corrales (13-14) and Nathan Kawpeng (15-17).
Nadal was struggling with appendicitis during the tourney in Shanghai.
Oregon went 1-7 versus tourney teams, only beating Colorado once.
The boats competing in this tourney were all powered by electric engines, instead of gas-powered outboards.
From then on, follow your chosen knight as he battles in a fierce tourney and cheer him on at Rhuddlan Castle on Sunday 4th April.
He was champion of the Coventry and District Draughts League and won the Handicap Tourney, in 1913.
Given the audit department's size, automating testing of controls "would allow us time, with a small staff, to accomplish over 100 audit tests every week automatically, look at the results and engage the business process owners in looking at their own controls," Tourney says.