tower case

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tower case

[′tau̇·ər ‚kās]
(computer science)
A system unit that stands in a vertical position.

tower case

A vertical computer cabinet. A common design for servers and high-performance workstations, tower cases have more room for storage and card expansion than horizontal desktop cases and all-in-ones.

In order to fit on shelves and equipment racks next to A/V equipment, home theater PCs (HTPCs) are housed in horizontal cases. All-in-ones are computers built into the monitor case and have the least internal flexibility. See all-in-one and HTPC.

Three Towers
Prior to 2014, these towers were used daily by Alan Freedman, author of this encyclopedia (left to right: custom-built PC, Mac Pro, HP PC). The Mac was replaced with the next-generation Mac Pro, and the HP was retired.

Cases Galore
Micro Center offers a huge variety of tower cases for the computer builder. This photo was taken in the Wayne, Pennsylvania store in 2014.

They Can Be Quite Fancy
Thermaltake makes tower cases with some pretty exotic designs. For computer enthusiasts who want something out of the ordinary, there is bound to be a model that pleases. For more information, visit
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Professionals' initial responses to the Citicorp Center tower case may have derived from its dramatic journalistic presentation, and from an understandable desire to perceive their eminent colleague at the center of the drama as a hero.
Contained in its massive tower case were a 40 megabyte hard disk, 2 MB of RAM, an EGA video card, 15-inch color monitor, and it could run the newest version of Lotus 123.
Crafted from solid American Oak, the twin tower case has a 180-CD capacity.
BitFinex Shinobi Window XL (black) ATX Full Tower Case