tower case

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tower case

[′tau̇·ər ‚kās]
(computer science)
A system unit that stands in a vertical position.
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tower case

A vertical computer cabinet. A common design for servers and high-performance workstations, tower cases have more room for storage and card expansion than horizontal desktop cases and all-in-ones.

In order to fit on shelves and equipment racks next to A/V equipment, home theater PCs (HTPCs) are housed in horizontal cases. All-in-ones are computers built into the monitor case and have the least internal flexibility. See all-in-one and HTPC.

Three Towers
Prior to 2014, these towers were used daily by Alan Freedman, author of this encyclopedia (left to right: custom-built PC, Mac Pro, HP PC). The Mac was replaced with the next-generation Mac Pro, and the HP was retired.

Cases Galore
Micro Center offers a huge variety of tower cases for the computer builder. This photo was taken in the Wayne, Pennsylvania store in 2014.

They Can Be Quite Fancy
Thermaltake makes tower cases with some pretty exotic designs. For computer enthusiasts who want something out of the ordinary, there is bound to be a model that pleases. For more information, visit
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Comparing to other HDD duplicators with tower case, iOpen Series is ideal for duplication of various format of HDD and SSD.
In The Torch tower case, at least 35 out of the 676 apartments have home or contents insurance, companies that Gulf News spoke to said.
The 3DBoxx 8950, starting at $18,353, has liquid-cooled, dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors (incidentally, Xeon processors can't be overclocked), support for 256 GB DDR3 RAM, up to four professional-grade graphics cards (Nvidia Quadro for visualization and Nvidia Tesla for compute, according to another BOXX blog, or ATI FirePro), and bunches of internal drive bays, expansion slots, options for SATA and SSD SATA drives, and more-in a tower case about 18 x 24.7 x 7-in.
The high cost of the seawater intake station and related equipment in the direct once through system is hugely decreased in the cooling tower case. This also makes a fish protection system affordable when used with a cooling tower, given the small size and related cost of the related seawater intake system being a twentieth of the size of the seawater intake capacity of a once through system.