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town, in the United States. In the New England states the town is the basic unit of local government. The New England town government's unique feature is the town meeting, much praised as a nearly pure form of democracy. At the annual meeting of voters, town officers are elected and local issues such as town tax rates are decided. Elsewhere in the United States the term town has little political use, signifying only a place incorporated as a town or simply a population center. However, township has legal meaning—a geographical division of the county, established in land surveys and usually made up of 36 sections, each with roughly an area of 1 sq mi (2.6 sq km). Except in the Middle Atlantic states, townships are seldom units of local government.
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A political and geographic area within the boundaries of a municipal government; sometimes separate from a larger county.
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1. a small town
2. (in the Scottish Highlands and islands) a small crofting community
3. (in the US and Canada) a territorial area, esp a subdivision of a county: often organized as a unit of local government
4. (formerly, in South Africa) a planned urban settlement of Black Africans or Coloured people
5. English history
a. any of the local districts of a large parish, each division containing a village or small town
b. the particular manor or parish itself as a territorial division
c. the inhabitants of a township collectively
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Additionally, Schaumburg Township District Library produced a guidebook following the inaugural tour for residents interested in conducting a self-guided tour through the township.
Townships should also be distinguished from vertical mixed-use developments found in cities where several uses are stacked on top of each other in a single structure.
Offering stunning views of the Capital Town Pampanga's very own Casa de Emperador, Central Square, Museum and Mall, and the beautiful Shophouse District, Chelsea Parkplace exudes a dynamic vibe that perfectly blends with history and modernity all over the township.
He encourages locals there to put politics aside because it has the propensity of carrying the township backward.
Darmono said Jababeka provided experiences and inspiration in developing townships for other Indonesian entrepreneurs.
As Clinton Township enters its bicentennial year, residents celebrate the dynamic community that the township, once a predominantly agricultural-based area, has evolved into.
He said that on one hand the government made tall claims about planting trees and on other hand SDDA officials cut hundreds of trees in Kanju Township.
The township is located in the northeast portion of Saginaw County, approximately 79 miles northeast of Lansing.
21, 2016, a federal judge ruled that the township had illegally discriminated against the mosque.
The Township of Covert, Michigan (Township) appealed from the tax court's judgment in favor of New Covert Generating Company (New Covert), which was contesting the Township's original valuation of New Covert's electric plant.
"As part of our aggressive township expansion across the country, we are happy to announce our entry into Pampanga," said Megaworld senior vice president Jericho Go.