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or toyon
, evergreen tree or shrub (Photinia arbutifolia) of the family Rosaceae (rose family), found on the Pacific coast of North America.
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Toyon, who has a background in architecture and landscape architecture, took home an Emmy for the show last year.
About 22 miles off the Port of Los Angeles in Toyon Bay, Santana, who is an instructor at the Catalina Island Marine Institute, spotted a huge eyeball, half the size of a dollar, buried under the sand.
Ahi encontramos dos especies botanicas que no existen en los demas sitios: la identificada como "bellotita dulce" por Teodora Cuero en una fotografia digital; y el toyon, para el cual los kumiai entrevistados no tuvieron nombre local.
In the 1880s, Cyrus Mills planted a double row of non-native eucalyptus trees along the original Bryant Path; a generation later, McMinn (1919) published A Manual of Trees, Shrubs and Vines of Mills College Campus, in which he advocated the planting of native California trees and shrubs including, as the heritage plan notes, redwood, oak, manzanita, toyon, and ceanothus.
The production designer for "Elevator" is Richard Toyon ("Hung," "United States of Tara").
Some believe the area was named after the native Toyon plant, or "California Holly," which grows on the district's hillside.
The project, which is expected to take about five years, began last summer and involves the reintroduction of native southern California plant species such as the California sage, toyon, laurel sumac, oak and walnut trees and coffeeberry.
Hikers who venture into the lush canyon will find a trail of moderate difficulty winding past caves, oak groves, and toyon trees.
Circuit Rider volunteers have cleared away plants that host Pierce's disease, such as blackberry and vinca, and have planted wine-friendly native live oak trees and toyon brush.
of Redondo Beach, GA, ILC Dover of Dover, DL, and Toyon Corp.