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trabes, trabs

In ancient Rome, a beam, esp. a long beam supporting the joists of a ceiling.
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Sipho thick basally narrower distally; siphonal capsule very weakly hook shaped with opposite arm distinctly large broader cylindrical while adjacent arm very small narrow; median lobe narrow apically slightly longer than parameres; trabes apically bifurcated.
Efectividad Se valora la efectividad en la en la division de poderes del Estado division de a trabes de las competencias poderes del atribuidas constitucionalmente Estado a cada una de las principales instituciones del Estado o a la propia sociedad, asi como de los procedimientos de control entre los poderes estatales.
More intricate are the following examples of the interlocking word order of two noun-adjective pairs and a preposition: Propertius 3.2.12, |camera auratas inter eburna trabes'; 4.8.31, |altera Tarpeios est inter Teia lucos'.