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A TCP/IP utility, originally Unix, which allows the user to determine the route packets are taking to a particular host. Traceroute works by increasing the "time to live" value of packets and seeing how far they get, until they reach the given destination; thus, a lengthening trail of hosts passed through is built up.


An Internet utility that describes the path in real time from the client machine to the remote host being contacted. It reports the IP addresses of all the routers in between. Windows comes with its own Traceroute utility (TRACERT.EXE) that is executed from the command line.

A Visual Trace
You see the nodes pop into place with NeoTrace, originally created by NeoWorx. This shows the 13 nodes from The Computer Language Company to HP's website in California. Starting at the Comcation ISP in Doylestown, PA, the route is traced to the Digex ISP (206 and digex nodes) through various routers in the BBN backbone that HP is connected to. Details are displayed when the cursor is moved over a node's icon. For more information, visit, which bought NeoWorx and incorporated NeoTrace into its Personal Firewall service.
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Secure traceroute to detect faulty or malicious routing".
Currently, Atlas Anchors support ping, traceroute, DNS, SSL, IPv6 reachability, DNSSEC validation, and recently NTP measurements.
On Microsoft Windows Operating System, the traceroute utility is named "tracert".
NetWorx includes a number of other small but useful networking feature such as traceroute, ping, netstat, and a Speed meter.
The special free edition of the solution also includes the company's device management technology and 'point and click' configuration of access control lists, flow filters, ping, traceroute, built-in CLI access and other troubleshooting capabilities.
Isolate the error - using ipconfig, ping and traceroute (or similar tools)
communication can be obtained by using the traceroute command on Unix
Webmasters can also check DNS, the availability of a website or perform a traceroute to their website from seventeen cities in the world.
Carmi's research uses a program called the DIMES agent, which is downloaded onto volunteers' computers and performs Internet measurements such as traceroute and ping.
A traceroute to the router AIRE6 (HA) for both cases leads to a similar result, but illustrates more clearly the path difference.
As he points out, had examiners simply Goggled "graphical traceroute," they would have found, under the first entry, an excellent example of the technology, along with a link to an explanatory paper, published by a different team of technologists in November 1999--more than two years before the patent application was filed.