track ball

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track ball

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A stationary pointing device that contains a movable ball rotated with the fingers or palm. From one to four keys are located in various positions depending on the unit. In the late 1980s and 1990s, Kensington Microware popularized the trackball with its Turbo Mouse for the Mac. Turbo Mouse for Windows was subsequently released, and over the years, the Turbo Mouse evolved into the Expert Mouse and Orbit brands.

The advantage of the trackball, and the reason many people like it, is that the unit remains in the same position on the desk, and only the ball is moved. See mouse, pointing stick and touchpad.

The Turbo Mouse
The Turbo Mouse popularized the trackball for the Mac. Later models were developed for the PC. (Image courtesy of Kensington Microware, Ltd.)
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The new 8800 unit, however, replaces the nuisance track wheel with a track ball navigation system that acts more like a mouse, and thus is intuitively easier to use.
IndeMouse is a USB device that translates movements of a pointing device, such as a mouse or track ball (not included), into mouse functions such as click, double-click, or drag.
Scratchy Pad is not your average whirling track ball toy.
Each new model has an optical track ball and scroll wheel; the latter serves double-duty as both a navigation and volume control.
For example, a mouse device has buttons and a track ball for sensing the planar motion.
Its thumb-operated track ball and ergonomic contour make cursor movement easy and comfortable, while its second left-click button lets users trigger instead of click the mouse.
Fierman fitted Hoppe with voice-activated software to operate his computer and an adapted track ball to help him navigate the screen.
One is a battery-operated personal computer for paramedics, who will wear the device across their shoulders and check patients' vital signs and injuries with a handheld track ball containing a video camera and sensors.