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Oh, the wonder of the great trade-wind! All day we sailed, and all night, and the next day, and the next, day after day, the wind always astern and blowing steadily and strong.
I lay the pen down, and a hundred of her sayings ring in my ears, with my own contradictious comments, that I was doomed so soon to repent; a hundred visions of her start to my eyes; and there is the trade-wind singing in the rigging, and loosening a tress of my darling's hair, till it flies like a tiny golden streamer in the tropic sun.
On a small plain which we crossed, a few stunted acacias were growing; their tops had been bent by the steady trade-wind, in a singular manner -- some of them even at right angles to their trunks.
"Because I expect to avail myself of the trade-winds, the direction of which is always the same."
I CAN never forget the eighteen or twenty days during which the light trade-winds were silently sweeping us towards the islands.
The mysteries of storm, and rain, and tide were revealed, and the reason for the existence of trade-winds made him wonder whether he had written his article on the northeast trade too soon.
But in our time, steamers running between Suez and the South Seas have nothing more to fear from the fury of this gulf, in spite of contrary trade-winds. The captain and passengers do not prepare for their departure by offering propitiatory sacrifices; and, on their return, they no longer go ornamented with wreaths and gilt fillets to thank the gods in the neighbouring temple."
In the United States, even many southern states get some trade-wind action in August and September, when the mean flow becomes easterly.
Ahlgrimm, 2015: The behavior of trade-wind cloudiness in observations and models: The major cloud components and their variability.
is the equatorial belt within which the trade-wind |zones converge?
The abrupt change left Hadco's other suppliers -- U-Line, FiveStar, Scotsman, Aga,CabanaKitchens and Trade-Wind -- in limbo.
WHERE is the equatorial belt within which the trade-wind zones converge?