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A trademark is a brand identification for a product or service, the latter technically called a "service mark." The mark can be written text, text in a particular stylized form or a graphic symbol. Company names and products are often registered with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Organization (USPTO) to help ensure their legal usage. For more information, visit

We Are Not a Source of Trademark Registrations
The purpose of this encyclopedia is to provide a meaningful definition of computer science, telecommunications, semiconductor and electronics terms and related products, but it is not meant to be a source of trademark registration information. When we know of an origin of a term, we state it. There are thousands of terms in this database that do not include a lineage, because we either did not know of it at the time of writing or felt it was not pertinent.

We Believe Everything Is a Trademark
We believe that every name of a product is a trademark of its respective organization. If a company creates a name for its product and continues to use it, it is a de facto trademark whether or not it is registered. Among other legal reasons, registration serves to officially document how long a name has been in use.

Contact the Company
If a particular technology in this database is attributed to an organization, we do not know if it is a de facto or de jure trademark of that organization. To find out trademark information about a product in this publication, please contact the legal counsel of the organization that is mentioned as its creator. See copyright.
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Trademarks, or in your state office or visit a patent and trademark depository library.
Although most costs associated with trademarks and trade names are required to be capitalized, the courts have consistently held that certain expenses are deductible under Sec.
For purpose of this article, trademarke and trade names are discussed inclusively as trademarks.
Stoller's trademarks were invalid and that the injunction levied against him was just and fair.
a leading law firm specializing in trademark, copyright, design and unfair competition law, has filed more trademark applications than any other law firm nationwide and is the most active law firm user of the Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS), according to the Department of Commerce's U.
Electronic Arts, EA, EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS BIG, POGO and Madden Bowl are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.
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Electronic Arts, EA, EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS BIG and POGO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.
Trademark professionals must address a large and diverse universe of drug names and other health care related products, many of which may not be officially registered as trademarks.