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Supporters of the project say more traffic is simply the price Glendale pays for a thriving downtown.
As the WHO/World Bank report makes clear, the increase in traffic deaths and injuries in the world s poorer nations has been evident for years: global traffic deaths have risen from approximately 990,000 per year in 1990 to nearly 1.
F5 is uniquely positioned in this market to address and support the challenges that carriers and enterprises face in building SIP-based networks, thanks to the intelligent, market-leading Layer 7 capabilities built into its traffic management software.
Their ability to see this information enables them to distinguish between different kinds of traffic on a single circuit, aggregate different traffic types into service classes, and distinguish between different subscribers' traffic.
It's a two-pronged undertaking in which researchers are generating mathematical and computer models of traffic flow and at the same time devising ways to reduce congestion.
This assumption, however, fails to take into account the fact that the amount of damage, pain, and suffering caused by traffic law violators involved in collisions far exceeds that of criminal acts.
com will use the real-time data collected by these sensors, combined with data gathered by operations center personnel, to distribute vital traffic information across multiple platforms to hundreds of thousands of drivers in Cincinnati and Columbus.
Motorists come face to face in the single center turn lane as they try to merge into oncoming traffic.
Traffic Explorer was introduced in March 2006 as the only network management tool able to overlay traffic flows onto a real-time map of the network routes they are traversing.
During the first of what may be a series of study sessions on traffic, the council on Tuesday learned that no matter how many boulevards are widened or signals synchronized, severe traffic congestion is inevitable because of the amount of development in Burbank.
Clear Channel will deliver enhanced real-time traffic information via its Total Traffic Network in U.
The critical issue that has emerged is whether the 10-year-old environmental impact report approved by Ventura County supervisors is out of date because traffic on the Ventura Freeway has increased by up to 8 percent more than predicted in 1992 - or by more than 13,000 cars a day on the busiest stretches.