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Here, and throughout the book, Becker is generous in her acknowledgement of the work and support of other scholars, host musicians, and friends in her challenge to weave together different strands of theory and experience with respective to understanding trancing. Deep Listening: Music, Emotion, and Trancing is a single-authored book, but clearly, Becker's research processes embodied discovering and experiencing the perspectives of many groups and individuals.
In the book's introduction, Becker outlines her critical model for studying trancing. This includes consideration of multiple scientific perspectives, as well as religious, philosophical dimensions, and ideas related to articulating inner emotion and the expression of human feelings.
In "Rethinking Trance," the book's first chapter, Becker begins with acknowledging the central source (prior to her work) on music and trancing, Gilbert Rouget's La Musique et la transe: Esquisse d'une theorie generale des relations de la musique et de la possession (1980; English translation, 1985).