transactional analysis

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transactional analysis:

see group psychotherapygroup psychotherapy,
a means of changing behavior and emotional patterns, based on the premise that much of human behavior and feeling involves the individual's adaptation and response to other people.
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Finally, transactional analysis revealed a weak correlation between depression and marital status among the empty nesters, such that being married was associated with a lower degree of depression in empty nesters (see Table 3).
According to Transactional Analysis theory, an individual's personality comprise of three ego states: Parent, Child and Adult.
Written especially for counselors and advanced students who are new to transactional analysis (TA), this practical guide explains how to use TA in one-on-one counseling and psychotherapy with clients who do not have psychiatric conditions.
Jason Boucher felt that Transactional Analysis and Neuro Linguistic Programming could be the answer: "It immediately occurs to me that perhaps your field sales agents would benefit from some work with TA, to understand human interaction processes, and also NLP, for understanding rapport (nonverbal cues) and the power of language in keying into what the 'difficult customers' are actually about.
He further divides those 13 theories into three separate categories: (a) those that give empathy a significant focus, for example, person-centered therapy and self-psychology; (b) those that give empathy a prominent focus, such as individual psychology, existential therapy, psychoanalytic therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy; and (c) those that address empathy as a recognizable aspect of the therapeutic process, like rational emotive behavior therapy, transactional analysis, solution-focused brief therapy, gestalt therapy, constructivist therapy, feminist therapy, and family systems therapy.
Dorothy was a charter member of the Colorado Transactional Analysis Association.
LighterLife's fully trained counsellors use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and transactional analysis (TA) in small single-sex groups, to examine the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that have lead to being overweight, helping clients to understand, address and overcome their weight gain.
Jesness created a four-year research demonstration project comparing a contingency management program (parole contingent point system and behavioral contracting) to an intensive psychotherapy model built on the principles of transactional analysis. The program treated 983 adjudicated, institutionalized delinquents.
"Dying to Live: A Spiritual Case Story of A Secular Counsellor" is a spiritual life history of David Midgley, an unusual psychotherapist trained in both Transactional Analysis and also classic Jungian tradition, the style is to present the information and leave the conclusion(s) to the reader, though the author's reactions and responses are also described, sometimes clinically.
Helpful interventions here are transactional analysis, behavior modification, psychosynthesis, voice dialogue, and gestalt and rational emotive behavior therapy.
Building A Better Mousetrap: Transactional Analysis And Continuous Monitoring

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