transactional analysis

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transactional analysis:

see group psychotherapygroup psychotherapy,
a means of changing behavior and emotional patterns, based on the premise that much of human behavior and feeling involves the individual's adaptation and response to other people.
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Transactional analysis - detailed visibility into transaction profiles and statistics
5 now includes templates for analyzing results, low-level transactional analysis and identification and analysis of poor performers.
This enabled transactional analysis of associated transportation costs.
With BSA Reporter, we get an advanced tool that helps us more effectively detect suspicious activity by automating transactional analysis and government reporting and improving case management documentation.
Nasdaq: AZPNE) today announced that its Audit Committee has substantially completed its transactional analysis pursuant to the scope of its previously-announced detailed review of certain software license transactions.
BNA Portfolios include transactional analysis on topics such as income, estate, state and international taxation.
The Tenfold study, conducted in two parts comprising transactional analysis and deployment scenario simulation, involved the capturing of packet traces of single sign-on (SSO) network transactions using the OPNET Application Characterization Environment to analyze the behavior of SSO.
The duties and responsibilities of the Advisory Board will include providing the Board of Directors with recommendations for corporate governance, financial and transactional analysis and investment banking introductions and resources.
example, a transactional analysis application, consisting of 384 million
These capabilities support such core business requirements as targeted marketing and response modeling; product and service cross-sell, up-sell and next offer strategies; on-line behavioral and transactional analysis for B2B and B2C web sites; improved customer profiling, profitability, loyalty and retention capabilities; as well as providing advanced analytics support to drive assessment, automation and optimization of core business processes for both back office functions and value chain relationships.

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