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1. (in the philosophy of Kant)
a. (of a judgment or logical deduction) being both synthetic and a priori
b. of or relating to knowledge of the presuppositions of thought
2. Philosophy beyond our experience of phenomena, although not beyond potential knowledge
3. Theol surpassing the natural plane of reality or knowledge; supernatural or mystical



(1) In scholasticism, any one of such extremely broad concepts as the single, the true, or the good.

(2) In Kantian philosophy, an a priori form of perception—one of the cognitive forms that organize empirical knowledge. In this sense, the forms of perception, space and time, and categories such as substance and causality are transcendentals. Kant defined as transcendental “all knowledge that has to do not so much with objects as with the form of our apperception of objects, inasmuch as such knowledge must be possible a priori” (Soch., vol. 3, Moscow, 1964, p. 121).

The concept of the transcendental is not used in Marxist philosophy.

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The participants learned the standard Transcendental Meditation technique and practiced it for 20 minutes twice a day.
In other words, transcendental unity is predicated (analogously) of this kind of being.
The works of Andrey Zvyagintsev and Pavel Lungin have been chosen because they represent a contemporary depiction of God or transcendental reality in Russian cinema (which is not often analyzed from theological perspective).
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We were interested in how thoughts about transcendental future assessed with the TTPI are connected to well-being indicators in Estonia, a small European country with religious freedom, where religion plays an important role only in the life of a minority of the population (Annual Report of Religious Freedom 2010).
Especialmente, cuando Wellmer, Lafont, o Habermas le han reprochado el idealismo semiotico latente en la pragmatica transcendental peirceana.
11) Por fim e, principalmente, ainda que Heidegger se identifique com a fenomenologia, ele rejeita sua orientacao ao mesmo tempo subjetivista e transcendental que a conduz, mutatis mutandis e como o atestam as Meditacoes Cartesianas de Husserl, a restaurar o cogito cartesiano.
The purpose of the current study was to determine whether practice of the Transcendental Meditation program might result in higher school graduation rates compared to students who do not receive training in this stress reduction program.
He revived this ancient technique called Transcendental Meditation and it allows any human being to dive within and truly experience that ocean of consciousness, ocean of bliss, that ocean of intelligence within every human being and its effortless technique.
In July 2005, Lynch launched the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, which has now provided Transcendental Meditation scholarships for 200,000 at-risk, underserved students in middle schools and high schools throughout the country and worldwide.
The sense of an intentional act is irreducibly transcendental.