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Early system on Ferut computer. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).


(1) To convert from one format to another. It implies conversion between very distinct kinds of data, such as from speech into text or from analog video into digital frames. Sometimes the term is used as nothing more than a fancier synonym for "convert." See transpiler.

(2) To convert from one compressed audio or video format to another; for example, from MP3 to Ogg Vorbis. Converting lossy formats, such as MP3, to another lossy format may degrade quality considerably. See FLAC, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.

(3) To convert from one video color format to another; for example, from composite video to component video. Modern A/V receivers transcode video in order to accommodate a mix of analog and video sources.
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Some example projected use cases are such as when a locally developed application would like to integrate features from to allow easy feature expansion, or a script within an existing video processing flow to automatically transcode or process videos.
As I mentioned at the top, those readers seeking to transcode live streams in the cloud have lots of options.
"Socionext and Advantech have a long history together providing solutions for "Live" transcode broadcasting and processing large volume of media data for video systems.
Then the video transcoding system deployed on the Hadoop cluster will transcode these video files into the MP4 files and store the transcoded files in the HDFS.
The transcoding sever reads the original media data from the media server, proceeds to transcode the data depending on user requested resolution, bit-rate, and frame rate.
In addition, the Zenverge IC can simultaneously transcode up to four independent HD streams, or up to 16 independent SD streams, along with supporting full encode of HD content.
Based on Octasic's ultra-low power Opus DSP core architecture, Vocallo MGW can transcode more than 400 channels from G.711 to G.729AB on a single DSP, while consuming less than 2 watts of power, delivering the highest capacity solution for audio transcoding in the IP domain.
It relies on the phenomena of the radiation-induced index of refraction change in a semiconductor to transcode an x-ray or optical image into a coherent light image.
By employing Fujitsu's proprietary transcode technology, Fujitsu Microelectronics realized industry-leading low power consumption.
You can also leverage third-party, GPU-accelerated encoding like IDT's HEVC encoder, which can transcode 4Kp60 10-bit HDR HEVC on a consumer off-the-shelf server platform. is one of the first portals in the industry to grant users the ability to transcode and fulfill 4K content automatically.
To transcode streams of audio and video from codec to another is compute intensive.