transfer length

transmission length

At the end of a pretensioned tendon, the distance necessary for the bond stress to develop the maximum tendon stress.
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strand in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, research is needed to determine the transfer length, the development length, the strands spacing, and the minimum concrete release strength.
Prestressed strands are shortening and slip occurs along the transfer length during release.
A diameter of the strand gradually decreases at transfer length and it is constant beyond the transfer length.
These linked-list engines offer a unique acquisition Gate Driven mode in which the gate duration determines the transfer length, eliminating the need for pre-set transfer lengths.
P], meaning that the length used in the calculations was not that of the heat transfer length but the length measured from the middle of the top port to the middle of the bottom port.
HT] = heat transfer length (bottom of top port to top of bottom port), mm (in.
As part of its "Investigation of Development Length of Uncoated and Epoxy-Coated Prestressing Strand" project, the Federal Highway Administration recently concluded a series of experiments to determine the temperature at which epoxy softening causes slip, the effect of that slip on the stress in the strands and the transfer length, and the effect of cyclic temperature variations.
Whittemore gauge points were installed along the concrete surface on both sides of the specimen during casting; these were used to monitor the transfer length for one year after the specimens were cast.
A new approach based on the bond stress distribution through the transfer length between the zero-slip and the cracked sections is proposed.
Bond stresses in reinforced concrete structures arise from the change in steel along the transfer length, and the slip is determined using the local bond-slip relationship.
The development length is made up of two components: transfer length and flexural bond length.
This results in increased performance, especially in environments that use extended transfer lengths or have many devices on a single bus.