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The global money transferrer manages 6 per cent of the total global remittance volume and 10 per cent of the total remittance inflow to India.-TradeArabia News Service
This penchant for quality has won the ISO certified brand many global awards for quality and business excellence, and earned the trust of customers, partners and regulators alike, thus emerging as the 'world's trusted money transferrer'.
Known for its excellent customer service and acclaimed as the 'World's Trusted Money Transferrer,' UAE Exchange has the largest global network among remittance brands with over 660 branches in 30 countries across five continents, serving over 4 million customers.
In the UAE, the global money transferrer has over 120 branches, of which 14 are in Dubai Metro network.
This opens up the possibility of keeping fixed deposits in joint accounts," Sudhir Shetty, chief operating officer of UAE Exchange, a prominent money transferrer in the region told Gulf News.