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in the New Testament, manifestation wherein Jesus appeared "shining" before Peter, James, and John. The traditional explanation is that in it Jesus' divine glory shone in his earthly body. Mt. Tabor is usually said to be the mountain where it took place. The event is commemorated in the feast of the Transfiguration on Aug. 6.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Nandor Fodor described transfiguration as the “metamorphic power of the medium to assume bodily characteristics of deceased people for their representation.” In The National Spiritualist journal, Rev. William J. Erwood reported on a 1931 séance with a medium named Mrs. Bullock. The sitting was conducted in sufficient light to show every movement of the medium, who presented more than fifty faces within a period of an hour and a half.

It was as though the medium’s face were of plastic material being rapidly moulded from one form to another by some master worker in plastics. Oriental faces, Indians, calm, dignified, serious, spiritual, in short, almost every type of face was depicted during this most unusual séance. One of the most striking was the impersonation of a paralyzed girl whom I had known in the States. The medium’s entire body, as well as face, was twisted out of all semblance of its normal state, to depict the condition of this victim of paralysis.

This is in sharp contrast to many so-called “red light transfiguration séances” often presented today. At these, the “medium” sits with a red light projected from below the level of his or her face—or even just holds a flashlight with a red filter over the lens—and by small movements of the facial muscles, gives the impression of different faces (for example, a slight curling of the upper lip can produce a shadow that looks like a mustache). These performances are no more than the equivalent of the antics children perform with a flashlight at summer camp to entertain each other. They are certainly not true transfigurations and not a part of Spiritualism. Yet there are some mediums who do demonstrate true transfiguration. One such is the young British medium Tony Stockwell.

In some transfigurations, ectoplasm covers the medium’s face and changes the features. It can be dangerous to the medium for a strong light to be shone unexpectedly on the face, or for anyone to attempt to touch or interfere with the medium. Serious injury has been recorded, as in the instance of the medium Ada Besinnet when being examined by the British College of Psychic Science in 1921. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, speaking of Florence Cook (then Mrs. Corner) when she was seized by Sir George Sitwell and accused of impersonating a spirit, stated, “It is worthy of remark that upon this occasion the observers agreed that the figure was white, whereas when Mrs. Corner was seized no white was to be seen. An experienced investigator would probably have concluded that this was not a materialization, but a transfiguration, which means that the ectoplasm, being insufficient to build up a complete figure, has been used to drape the medium so that she herself may carry the simulacrum.”


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1. New Testament the change in the appearance of Christ that took place before three disciples (Matthew 17:1--9)
2. the Church festival held in commemoration of this on Aug. 6
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The term "transfigure" is important because "trans," meaning "across," "beyond," or "through" is the cornerstone of Lezra's larger methodology.
After a helpful introduction, Lezra devotes a chapter to William Blake's engraving of "Neptune" for John Gabriel Stedman's Narrative of a Five Years Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam, showing how Neptune is a transfigure whom Blake later works into his illuminated books, America: A Prophecy (as Orc), Visions of the Daughters of Albion (as Othoon), and Europe: A Prophecy (as two nameless black men) (p.
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The goal of perspectival political thinking is not to exceed will-to-power but to transfigure it into the collaborative power we need if we are thoughtfully to (re)direct our effects.
When comprehending another view, one incorporates it into what one can imagine and seeks to envision one's location from another's perspective until, finally, it may transfigure what that location is.
We think and act politically not only (or perhaps not even primarily) when we give strong arguments to justify or "woo acceptance" of our locations and perspectives (Arendt 1982, 72) but when we open ourselves to others' perspectives with a willingness to transfigure "who" we are becoming.(22) Such responsiveness is a condition of the action in concert that generates the collaborative power needed to transfigure our effects and the patterns of power that amplify them.
As Uhde says, quoting Jacques Maritain, for the Gothic artist "human nature was wounded and demanded redemption," which was never unequivocally given.(5) Rooted in an unhealable wound, Gothic aspiration nevertheless tries to tum the symptoms of pathology and hurt to creative advantage - to transfigure their meaning by exaggerating their appearance.
Seeds transform into plants, into vine buds, into ripe, juicy, delicious fruit--a reminder that the Divine Light penetrates all created matter and transfigures and transforms our world.
Arlene Croce wrote in her book, Afterimages: "Williams's technique transfigures him and becomes, seemingly, the result of the religious idealism of the son -- he is ready."
An artist and architect, Garutti himself always works with the environment in which he is showing, be it a neutral gallery space, where he inserts visual signals that refer to his autobiographical experience, or a public meeting place, which he transfigures or from which he allows history to reemerge.
What is interesting here is to see how the very act that fixes the object is an act that transforms and transfigures. What is at stake is a figure to which a new value is assigned, a figure torn from its original context.