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transition point

[tran′zish·ən ‚pȯint]
A point at which the constants of a circuit change in such a way as to cause reflection of a wave being propagated along the circuit.
Either the temperature at which a substance changes from one state of aggregation to another (a first-order transition), or the temperature of culmination of a gradual change, such as the lambda point, or Curie point (a second-order transition). Also known as transition temperature.
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Transition Point


(or transition temperature), the temperature at which an equilibrium phase transition occurs in a physical system. The transition may be of the first order, such as boiling and melting, or it may be of the second order, such as the transition to the superconductive state.

The transition point depends on the external pressure. For first-order transitions, this dependence is described by the Clausius-Clapeyron equation. For second-order transitions, the dependence is described by the Ehrenfest equations.

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transition point

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i. The point on an airfoil where the boundary layer changes from laminar to turbulent. As the speed increases, the transition point tends to move forward. As the angle of attack increases, the transition point also tends to move forward.
ii. A point at an adapted number of miles from the vertex at which an arrival aircraft would normally commence its descent from its en route altitude. This may be the first fix adapted on the arrival speed segments.
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