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Movement of water, mineral salts, and organic substances from one part of a plant to another.
(cell and molecular biology)
The transfer of a chromosome segment from its usual position to a new position in the same or in a different chromosome.



(1) In genetics, a type of chromosomal restructuring (mutation) involving an interchange between parts of chromosomes; it often leads to a decrease in the fertility of animals and plants.

(2) The transference of substances in and out of a cell through a biological membrane by means of a biochemical transport system.

(3) In plants, the movement of water through the xylem and of nutrients through the phloem.

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This may explain the discrepancy between our results and those of Verde and McCloskey (1996), who found that zoochlorellae may have only minimal excess carbon available to translocate to the host.
It appears that the symbiotic algae simply translocate fixed carbon at a higher rate under high irradiance because they have more photosynthetic product available.
To maintain this rate of carbon translocation at 20[degrees]C, the anemone would require an algal density of only 9.6 X 10 [4] algae/mg protein because individual zoochlorellae translocate 2.5 times more at the higher temperature.
'This kind of incident happened when humans encroached wildlife habitats and we tried to avoid conflict between humans and animals through this way (translocate to conservation centre),' he told reporters after the officiating of the FRIM Incorporated (FRIM Inc) here today.
In a letter to chief minister Ashok Gehlot, the Union minister of state for environment and forests, Jairam Ramesh, asked him to translocate a tiger and a tigress -- from among the big cats that strayed from Ranthambore National Park ( RNP)' s core -- to Sariska.
Secondly, the long term program is to translocate the deer's.
then translocate the animal as directed by the COUNTY.
As the sanctuary nears capacity, it becomes increasingly important to translocate some animals into areas outside the enclosure, and to introduce new woylies to ensure ongoing genetic diversity and population health among the species.
In KwaZulu- Natal South African travel company and Beyond's Phinda private game incorporated in a groundbreaking deal to translocate six white rhino to Botswana's Okavango Delta.
The Phospho-STAT3 marker that translocates to the cell nucleus upon activation plays a key role in many cellular processes such as cell growth and apoptosis.
The receptor CAR translocates to the liver nucleus following treatment with phenobarbital and activates the P450 genes.
Cytosolic protein kinase C also gets activated upon EPEC infection and translocates to the plasma membrane (28).