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Movement of water, mineral salts, and organic substances from one part of a plant to another.
(cell and molecular biology)
The transfer of a chromosome segment from its usual position to a new position in the same or in a different chromosome.
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(1) In genetics, a type of chromosomal restructuring (mutation) involving an interchange between parts of chromosomes; it often leads to a decrease in the fertility of animals and plants.

(2) The transference of substances in and out of a cell through a biological membrane by means of a biochemical transport system.

(3) In plants, the movement of water through the xylem and of nutrients through the phloem.

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A total of 627 giant panda feces samples were collected in the research area during the Forth National Giant Panda Survey (NGPS4) in 2012 and following continuous monitor programs for translocated giant pandas from 2012 to 2017.
No individual Bighorn Sheep were censored in the model, as each translocated individual was identified as living or dead visually or via telemetry during each encounter interval.
A majority of the total seedling P (60 - 62%) was translocated towards major P sink (leaves) and only 28 - 34% was translocated to roots, whereas seedling coleoptile received only a 4% to 14% share of total seedling P reserves (Figure 3b).
According to Mosse and Herrero (1951), the SPAD indices indicated that the Williams/EMC combination exhibited "translocated" incompatibility whereas the Abbe Fetel/EMC combination did not (Table 2).
Multiphasic movement patterns have previously been observed in translocated raccoons (Procyon lotor), swift foxes (Vulpes velox), and cougars (Puma concolor) (Ruth et al., 1998; Mosillo et al., 1999; Moehrenschlager and Macdonald, 2003).
Even though evidence for glycerol and glucose as being translocated metabolites in the cnidarian-Symbiodinium symbioses may be yet insufficient, our results showed that glucose levels were close to 50 times higher in anemones with symbionts as opposed to bleached anemones.
Especially, the expression of genes encoding superoxide dismutases and catalases increased in two weeks after hatching, and the DAF-16 protein was translocated to the nucleus in the AX-exposed wild type.
Pink (n = 35) and green (n - 113) abalone were tagged and translocated to recovery sites with preexisting pink (n = 13) and green (n = 26) abalone.
Vaccines may be effective tools for protecting small populations of highly susceptible endangered, captive-reared, or translocated Hawaiian honeycreepers from introduced A vipoxvirus, but their efficacy has not been evaluated.
The key to drawing new life to the reefs is the live coral that is propagated at Atlantis, The Palm aquariums and then translocated to the artificial reefs put down since 2011.
In this study, we acoustically tagged 79 rockfishes and lingcod from three oil platforms in the east Santa Barbara Channel and translocated them to a natural reef inside a state marine reserve at Anacapa Island to determine whether individuals would home back to their platforms of capture, or take up residency at their new location.