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The quality of being able to see through a material whereby the distant image is hazy or foggy. The terms "translucent" and "transparent" are often used synonymously, but they are not the same. A translucent area in an image would be like looking through frosted or smoked glass to the underlying background. A transparent area would be like looking through clear glass.

Not Well Supported
True translucency is not supported in many graphics formats as an attribute of the image. Although the visual effect of translucency can always be simulated in an image by using an image editing program, the actual translucent area is opaque, and the underlying background does not show through.

Translucency is an advanced technique; for example, Adobe's PostScript and HP's PCL language do not support translucency; however, Adobe's PDF, which came later, does support it. Images formatted with true translucency that are printed in PostScript and PCL are flattened into opaque images that tend to have visual artifacts. See alpha blending.

Translucent Borders
See-through, translucent window borders were one of the eye-candy features in the Aero interface introduced in Windows Vista. Articles about Aero erroneously refer to "transparent windows" more than they do "translucent windows."
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Descriptive of a material that transmits light but diffuses it sufficiently so that an image cannot be seen through the material clearly.
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The exhibition, titled Visual Transparency, explores the concept of multi-layered translucence in art and life, with students showcasing their interpretation of the theme through 20 artworks, using mediums such as paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations.
The Lebanese designer's autumn/winter couture collection of evening gowns -- and a few jumpsuits -- bore all of the translucence and intricate embroidery for which he has become known.
We love displaying them in different locations on tables and stands, and the lighting my husband has created for them marvelously highlights the translucence and depth of each piece."
I thicken the filling with cornstarch rather than flour because I prefer the former's translucence to the latter's muddiness.
Composed of SAN, the case's vial component communicates the Wink line's message of unabashed color through its own translucence.
Translucence. The translucence of the specimens was analyzed with an UV/VIS spectrometer Lambda 18 (Perkin Elmer Inc.).
I especially looked at their colours when in sunlight - the translucence of their wings and iridescent bodies.
Glover now abandoned his favourite medium of watercolour in favour of a hybrid technique using thinned oil (the oil mixed with copal varnish or megilp to enhance its translucence) painted on to a bright double-primed white lead ground.
The possibilities of translucence and texture are considered in Thaddeus Wolfe's Assemblage pendant, a quartzlike opaline with jagged surface planes, exhibited alongside a mirror by Ettore Sottsass for Pohronova; the latter piece's frame, made from a glossy plastic that sparkles, suggests wavy blond hair.
One characteristic of Gentet's images that struck this viewer is that the real image component has a solidity of colour which is unusual, as most real-image holograms have a translucence to the projected image.
Variously applied paint shows the translucence and gestural character of watercolor, layers of revision during the search, slight impastos.