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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Also known as metempsychosis, transmigration is a belief in the passage of the soul into another body after death. Many religions have this belief, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Specifics vary, some believing that the rebirth is into either a "lower" or a "higher" form of life, while others believe it is always into a human body. Some also believe the next life is dependent upon the actions within the present life—a karmic rebirth.


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Pythagoras's claim that the immortal soul could transmigrate into the body of non-human animals was widely regarded as heretical or outright absurd.
This increased mean age could be attributed to a greater path travelled as well as median palatine barrier that has to be crossed by maxillary canine to transmigrate as compared to relatively easier path for mandibular canine.
While the artist's photographs (one was reproduced as the show's announcement card) document specific locales and buildings, some already dismantled by environmental or economic havoc, the paintings transmigrate soulfulness more than they do any topography.
Manusara does not tell us why Brahmadeva chose to transmigrate from the Brahmaloka heaven to be reborn as a counsellor in the lineage of Mahasammata, nor anything much that can help us identify him with further specificity.
They also depend on narrative rhythm, on a narrative wisdom that allows a story to transmigrate from para-literature to literature and produce mythical figures and situations which survive in the collective imagination'.
words, the Taiwanese people who choose to transmigrate to China are the
Assabiyya is the set of standards of a rural based society, but is broken down in an urban society, when rural and tribal peoples transmigrate from the rural areas to come and live in urban centers, which they start dominating due to their social cohesiveness.
It is apparent that for Barthes one should not concentrate on one art form but must set the body free to transmigrate among heterogeneous sign systems so as to play with the plurality of the text.
leukemic cells may not transmigrate across dermal vessels to the same extent as [JL1.
And so the cycle of reincarnation continues as the brothers transmigrate from lifetime to lifetime, their names changing in each incarnation, from stags to geese to swans, then wild ducks.