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Also known as metempsychosis, transmigration is a belief in the passage of the soul into another body after death. Many religions have this belief, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Specifics vary, some believing that the rebirth is into either a "lower" or a "higher" form of life, while others believe it is always into a human body. Some also believe the next life is dependent upon the actions within the present life—a karmic rebirth.


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In the current study, no maxillary or mandibular canine transmigrations were associated with any pathological entities.
Initially, the term transmigration was used only if the entire length of the impacted canine had migrated and crossed the midline of the mandible [1].
The ten contributors to this issue's special section on English-language poetry represent some of the many transmigrations of English, from Britain herself to various far-flung outposts of exploration and empire, including Canada, India, Kenya, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United States.
Machida draws from the transmigrations and cultural crosscurrents created by the movements of these diasporic artists.
I try to make photographs through which it seems that animals are questioning the effects of rapid development," she says, whose collection of photographs is titles Transmigrations.
Transmigrations is on at the Art Motif Gallery, F-231C, Lado Sarai, till February 9; 11 a.
One obvious key difference has to do with who has legitimate power and control, for, in transmigrations, a government agency generally sponsors or at least supports the action.
Case 1: Indonesia's famous general transmigrations began under the Dutch in 1905 (Hardjono, J.
I pass over that Pythagoras always inserted the transmigrations of souls into his usual discussions and symbols.