transmission coefficient

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transmission coefficient

[tranz′mish·ən ‚kō·i‚fish·ənt]
The value of some quantity associated with the resultant field produced by incident and reflected waves at a given point in a transmission medium divided by the corresponding quantity in the incident wave.
The ratio of transmitted to incident energy flux or flux of some other quantity at a discontinuity in a transmission medium; for sound waves, it is called the sound transmission coefficient.
The ratio of the transmitted flux of some quantity to the incident flux for a substance of unit thickness.
(quantum mechanics)

thermal transmittance, U-value

The time rate of heat flow per unit area under steady conditions from the fluid on the warm side of a barrier to the fluid on the cold side, per unit temperature difference between the two fluids.
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Figure 3 presents the transmission coefficient of the clean glass used in this experiment; it is calculated by the ratio between the solar spectrum on the backside of the glass and the solar spectrum on the front side of the glass, this coefficient permitted to estimate the reflection losses by 7%.
4 shows the transmission coefficient for the proposed structure.
In the SMM-AC model, the transmission coefficient of persistent shocks for nondurable expenditure, [[phi].
The transmission coefficient depends on frequency and other parameters forming the parameter vector of the filter which specifies the geometry (defined by design variables).
Use the camera or the reporting software to change the transmission coefficient of the image until the adjusted temperature (taken through the window) and the original temperature are the same
The smallness of the penetration of gold (Au), copper (Cu) and silver (Ag) to the silicon substrate ratio, cause that the transmission coefficient by increasing the thickness of the gold would be faster closes to Zero.
This helps to provide strong suppression (zero transmission) when capturing the transmission coefficient, [S.
As we have seen in the previous section, the objective of the experimental system is to measure the transmission coefficient between two horn antennas in the W band (from 75 to 110 GHz), one of them being the feeder of a Fresnel reflector.
The transmission coefficient for normal incidence is also shown for comparison.
The travelling voltage transmission coefficient matrix, or simply the travelling transmission coefficient matrix (TTCM) [?
Ts, [GAMMA]s and are the transmission coefficient and the reflection coefficient respectively, and d is the sample length.
e] represent reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient in the even mode; [[GAMMA].

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