transmission coefficient

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transmission coefficient

[tranz′mish·ən ‚kō·i‚fish·ənt]
The value of some quantity associated with the resultant field produced by incident and reflected waves at a given point in a transmission medium divided by the corresponding quantity in the incident wave.
The ratio of transmitted to incident energy flux or flux of some other quantity at a discontinuity in a transmission medium; for sound waves, it is called the sound transmission coefficient.
The ratio of the transmitted flux of some quantity to the incident flux for a substance of unit thickness.
(quantum mechanics)
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thermal transmittance, U-value

The time rate of heat flow per unit area under steady conditions from the fluid on the warm side of a barrier to the fluid on the cold side, per unit temperature difference between the two fluids.
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The local transmission coefficient of the test specimen, [t.sub.local], in (7) is defined as
where [Z.sub.A] and [Z.sub.B] represent the characteristic impedances of the conventional branch lines; [[GAMMA].sub.e] and [[GAMMA].sub.e] represent reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient in the even mode; [[GAMMA].sub.o] and [[GAMMA].sub.o] represent reflection coefficient and transmission coefficient in the odd mode.
Where [p.sub.t] is the output power of the RFID reader transmitter and [G.sub.t] is the gain of the reader, A is the wavelength in free space, [G.sub.r] is the tag antenna gain, [] is the chip power threshold sensitivity, r is the power transmission coefficient as Eq.
Now, in order to find an expression for both the transmission coefficient, t, (Eq.
Assuming windows can't be avoided, specify assemblies with a sound transmission coefficient (STC) of 55--essentially an insulated assembly with an added laminate on one of the two panes, according to Erik Ryerson, senior associate with Shen Milsom Wilke, a Chicago-based communications and acoustical consultant.
For example, to define the value of vapour transmission coefficient [[delta].sub.p], it is necessary to determine the data about the size (mean diameter) of pores, structure of open porosity, volumetric sorptive humidity for the given vapour partial pressure, as indicated by Afonin and Nikitin (2003).
The transmission coefficient [tau] of a diffracting aperture is defined as the radiant flux transmitted into the positive half space, divided by the radiant flux incident upon it in the limit of geometrical optics.
[1] Generally, [S.sub.11] and [S.sub.21] are measured by the reflection coefficient at the input port and the transmission coefficient at the output port when the input signal is injected at the input port.
For the full sample presented in panel A, the return transmission coefficient from B share to A share is 0.1100, implying that positive returns in the B shares on one day cause positive returns in the A shares on the next trading day.
1-p[Rho]f) is [Tau] (f), the voltage transmission coefficient
To estimate the overall transmission coefficient [Nu] under each treatment k, we computed [F.sub.k], the average proportion of larvae uninfected in each treatment, and then calculated [Nu] using Eq.
This corresponds to a case, in the Tyers and Falvey context, where the price transmission coefficient is greater than one, and, in this light, our result is consistent with their results concerning the effects of changes in price transmission.

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