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(nuclear physics)
A nuclear process in which one nuclide is transformed into the nuclide of a different element. Also known as nuclear transformation.
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the conversion of atoms of one chemical element into those of another as a result of the radioactive decay of the atomic nuclei. In physics, the term “transmutation” has fallen into disuse. It is used mainly in radiobiology, since the transmutation effect exhibited by radionuclides incorporated into the tissues of an organism can be an important factor in the substances’ biological activity. In genetics, transmutation sometimes refers to all gene mutations or those mutations that are induced by a radionuclide that has been absorbed by tissues.

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rhymes in several palindromicity patterns; by analogy with quatrain relationships, one would expect that the permutation and transmutation sets of all such varieties would consist of 1440 members each.
Working at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, Baranger, who also headed the organic laboratory, determined that transmutations were indeed taking place.
Cordelia successfully performs telekinesis, transmutation, concilium and descensum.
French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin was present to inspect France's readiness in case of a mass transmutation of the virus to humans
A prototype nuclear reactor designed notably to study the transmutation of highly radioactive waste is to be built in 2011 under Franco-Belgian collaboration in the context of the European Myrrha project, France's national centre of scientific research (Centre national de la recherche scientifique - CNRS) announced on February 10.
The report identifies four categories of fusion applications beyond the production of electricity: Near-Term Applications, Transmutation, Hydrogen Production and Space Propulsion.
Long lived and high level waste (neptunium, plutonium, americium) can be destroyed in the flux of neutrons which exists in some reactors (called transmutation or incineration), even in conditions which are not up to normal security standards.
MEPs also called for more funding for alterative research solutions like transmutation. Francois Lamoureux, the European Commission's Director-General for Energy, told a colloquium on waste in Nogent, France, on November 28, that "transmutation is a good idea and will doubtless be achieved, but it does not represent an immediate solution".
Silencio, as 'the transmutation of a chair into the Oval Office or a homage to the egg'.
Under the law of X, an express statement of such intent in joint wills precludes transmutation by reason of taking title in joint tenancy."
Three thousand publications worldwide have found tritium, helium, excess heat, and transmutation. These discoveries have been replicated in dozens of laboratories.
Computer simulation is playing a critical role in designing accelerator-driven transmutation of waste (ATW) systems that may help solve the problem of disposing of nuclear waste.