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(nuclear physics)
A nuclear process in which one nuclide is transformed into the nuclide of a different element. Also known as nuclear transformation.
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the conversion of atoms of one chemical element into those of another as a result of the radioactive decay of the atomic nuclei. In physics, the term “transmutation” has fallen into disuse. It is used mainly in radiobiology, since the transmutation effect exhibited by radionuclides incorporated into the tissues of an organism can be an important factor in the substances’ biological activity. In genetics, transmutation sometimes refers to all gene mutations or those mutations that are induced by a radionuclide that has been absorbed by tissues.

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And smile again, for you're articulating an alchemical calque, that quintessence of loan--which transmutes material as heavy as lead and as light as the wind into the golden immaterial elixir of living language.
In this context it has to do with paradise once possessed and then lost, with an original pastoral perfection that later transmutes into its opposite, time and change creating a gulf between idyllic then and blighted alienated now" (3).
In this way, fascination and preoccupation with and service to one's self transmutes into a vicarious identification with the aloneness of others and their needs.
The Eneida (1798) transmutes the gods into Ukrainian landowners and Aeneas and the Trojans into dispossessed Cossacks of the period after the suppression of the Zaporozhian Sich (Cossack territory) in 1775.
This might be understood as an alignment of symbolic thinking and material tactility." In other words, he seems concerned with tracing the process by which "pure" form transmutes itself into symbol.
In old age such a star transmutes lighter elements to heavier ones.
There is nothing enigmatic about the front cover image showing the Foster Gherkin as a space rocket at take-off; nor on the back, where the up-blown dress of Marilyn Monroe, an iconic image from The Seven Year Itch, transmutes into Gehryesque Bilbao titanium facades.
I'm always surprised by how it transmutes into other works.
This technical bravura seems to come from an obsessive urgency that transmutes the pictorial gesture into a kind of ritual- an action that, repeated to the point of perfectionist mania, permits transgressive desires to be expressed safely.
This section of the installation transmutes and extends into one about "George Double-you" and Clinton and his active, woman-luvin' member--Daumier-esque political cartooning allowing Gore's choice of Lieberman as his running mate, America's schizoid belief in religious freedom and fear of any non-Protestant's proximity to presidential power, and the show's installation coinciding with the Democratic convention in LA to be the "facts" suggesting the noses.
A mild mannered medical technologist by day, Mann transmutes into a student of topographical onomastics when bitten by his interest in history and genealogy.
It transmutes a man from a traveller into a living parcel.