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a positive photograph on a transparent base, usually mounted in a frame or between glass plates. It can be viewed by means of a slide projector
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The quality of a material that is capable of transmitting light so that objects or images may easily be seen on the other side.
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(graphic arts)
An image fixed on a clear base by means of a photographic, printing, chemical, or other process, especially adaptable for viewing by transmitted light.
The ability of a substance to transmit light of different wavelengths, sometimes measured in percent of radiation which penetrates a distance of 1 meter.
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(1) See location transparency and network transparency.

(2) No noticeable changes (see transparent).

(3) The quality of being able to see through a material. A transparent area of image takes on the colors of the underlying background. The terms "transparent" and "translucent" are often erroneously used as a synonym (see translucency for the difference).

(4) A film-based photographic negative or positive. Light is beamed through the film for display, scanning or processing.
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