transportation network company

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transportation network company

An organization such as Uber and Lyft that uses mobile apps to enable people to secure individual and carpooling rides from drivers who use their own vehicles. The GPS capability in the smartphone identifies the pick-up location and keeps the customer informed in real time when the car will arrive.

No Cash
Billing is automatically handled via pre-registered credit cards, and although tipping is enabled in the app, nothing prevents the passenger from handing the driver cash. Initially treated as contractors, drivers became classified as employees in Britain. The transportation companies are increasingly challenged by jurisdictions to change driver status to employee.

Also called a "ridehailing" or "ridesharing" service, in 2013, the California Public Utilities Commission created the transportation network company category to deal with these services. See Uber and Lyft.
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3 ( ANI ): Co-founder of peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery, and transportation network company Uber, Garrett Camp is launching his own cryptocurrency - Eco.
The bill requires either the transportation network company or its driver to provide primary coverage for the driver.
Free car rides are just a click away, courtesy of a UAE-based bank and a transportation network company.
Arcade City officials say their company is technically not a transportation network company and thus not subject to the city's regulations.
HTC has joined forces with online transportation network company, Uber, to bring value to buyers of any 12 HTC devices.
The law requires each transportation network company to pay a $5,000 yearly license fee and requires the driver or the company to have insurance covering the transportation of passengers.
Mobilink and Uber, have entered in to a strategic partnership, whereby a host of services will be provided to facilitate the customers of the multinational online transportation network company throughout Pakistan.
The rideshare coverage will extend a driver's Farmers Auto insurance coverage until the driver accepts a ride, at which point the transportation network company affiliate's commercial insurance coverage would apply.
com)-- The Uber Forum is a transportation network company ("TNC") community and resource.
CUNA Mutual began offering a no-cost endorsement Wednesday that protects client credit unions from losses they could incur if a member crashes a financed car while driving for Lyft, Uber or another transportation network company.

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