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Interchanging the relative positions of conductors at regular intervals along a transmission line to reduce cross talk.
A permutation of a set of symbols which exchanges exactly two while leaving all others unaffected.



in electrical engineering, a change in the relative position of the conductors of individual phases along the length of an overhead power line in order to reduce the undesirable influence of power lines on one another and on nearby communication lines. To make a transposition, an entire power line is arbitrarily divided into sections, the number of which is a multiple of the number of phases. In each successive section the phases change places, so that each phase eventually occupies the positions of the others. The length of a section is determined by the conditions for reliable operation of the power line, the cost of constructing the power line, and the requirements for balance of the power line’s currents and voltages; the balance increases as a result of the equalization of the inductances and capacitances of the power line’s phases in a transposition section. Transpositions are made on power lines that are over 100 km in length and have voltages of 110 or more kilovolts. A complete phase-transposition cycle covers a length of not more than 300 km.


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in mathematics, a permutation of the elements of a given set whereby two elements are interchanged. For example, 13452 is transformed into 53412 by a transposition that interchanges the elements 5 and 1. (SeePERMUTATION.)



in music, the transfer of all the notes of a composition to a designated lower or higher key. Transposition by any interval other than an octave results in a change of key. The purpose of transposition is to adapt musical compositions for performance to a higher or lower voice or to an instrument with a different range. Transposition may also facilitate reading by reducing the number of sharps and flats needed in notation.

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Since I am inclined towards this argument, my first caution in seeking transpositional character in Daniel Naude's artworks is to look for and consider signs of anthropomorphism.
The book could have benefitted, moreover, from the inclusion of a fourth appendix providing more information about the modes of limited transposition as well as Messiaen's special chords, especially with respect to the labeling of transpositional levels.
Transpositional invariance is not specific to musical pitch structure.
(2) Considering film adaptations of Shakespeare in general, Courtney Lehmann offers an alternative four-part taxonomy utilizing the terms "conventional," "transpositional," "oppositional," and "experimental": "Whereas conventional adaptations closely rely on the text and period proper to a given Shakespeare play, transpositional films alter the historical or cultural setting of the play but may or may not update the language, as the difference between West Side Story ...
Dipping into it recently I was pleased to unearth a fourteen-step transpositional ladder starting with Steven Spielberg's sublime classic 'ET--the Extraterrestrial' and ending with the ridiculous romantic comedy 'Miss Personality'.
"(Post)colonial Translations." Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics.
Aside from the illuminating details of its counter-intuitive transpositional engagement with Shelley and Blanchot, in which each thinker's reflections on mortality and fatality is, as it were, read athwart the other, the essay is significant because no other intervention by Derrida became positioned vis-a-vis romanticism in quite the same way.
Coverage includes an introduction to meridians and acupuncture points; equine transpositional and classical acupoints; canine transpositional and classical acupoints; general rules of acupuncture therapy; treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders, internal disorders, acute and miscellaneous conditions; acupuncture and moxibustion techniques; and the functional neuroanatomical physiology of acupuncture.
It is our goal to improve people's understanding of the world around them, not confuse them more with a transpositional error by reversing the beliefs of Sunnis and Shi'ites.
(38) Jonathan Bate, 'Elizabethan Translation', in Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics, ed.
Sonnet XVI of our collection develops this transpositional technique (which recalls the medieval rhetorical exercise of permutatio) and combines it with the trademark paratactic articulation of alla burchia texts: as a result, the first consonant of each term is exchanged within each pair, as jokingly explained by the author in the cauda: 'Hor fa' che ritrovati | habbi questi schompigli s(anto) Antonio, | che tutti hanno schambiato il primo chonio' (11.
Della Porta characterized his theatrical language as "motteggevole" and his comedies as filled with "ridiculousness, exaggeration, contortions, ambiguity, combinatorics, mercurial cleverness, and multiplicity of faces." (10) His rhetoric is, in fact, rich with transpositional devices, such as anastrophe and hyperbaton, repetition, antithesis, and accumulation, as scholars Raffaele Sirri and Cesare Vasoli have shown in detail.

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