transverse section

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transverse section

An orthographic projection of a section made by cutting through an object along the shortest axis.
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cross section

A representation of a building, or portion thereof, drawn as if it were cut vertically to show its interior; often taken at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the building.
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The digestive gland is typically examined in transverse section, including the gonad at one edge.
The endocarps are circular to lenticular in equatorial transverse section (Fig.
Figure 5 shows the BSE images of transverse sections corresponding to the mushy zone and the columnar zone of the 200 [micro]m/s withdrawn ingot (named section 200-1 and section 200-2, respectively, hereafter).
C (Under-processed): The transverse section of the jejunum of rats fed with under processed fluted pumpkin seeds.
Figure 6a and b present Raman spectra of a 20% Sunigum[R] blend in a transverse section at low (21 [s.sup.-1]) and high (2154 [s.sup.-1]) shear rate, respectively.
In the blackboard drawing of DaVinci, the main concepts are rotation, transparency, and transverse section, but the drawing is also about DaVinci himself, as well as the major organ systems of the human body.
Macroscopic observations were made on this tablet's surface in tangential section; samples were removed in transverse section at the location of an earlier sampling carried out in 1933 at the request of Professor Paul Rivet (Lavachery 1934: 69).
Specifically, four combinations of otoliths (sagittae and lapilli) and preparation techniques were compared: 1) a transverse section of the sagitta (polished on one side TSS-1); 2) a transverse section of the sagitta (polished on two sides TSS-2); 3) a whole sagitta (polished on one side WS-1); and 4) a whole lapillus (polished on one side WL-1).
These almost transcontinental journeys would have enabled the production of the 'transverse section' pasted to the bottom of this map.
Only a hand very practised at anatomical dissection could have cut such a uniform transverse section from human heart tissue, showing various veins and arteries of different cross-sections, and the endocardial membrane.
"We chose our patients very carefully and documented that they had previously had a lower transverse section. And we stuck to a low dose of 25 [micro]g with careful monitoring.

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