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Everybody in the plant is a member of the discrepancy review board, from the CAD/CAM staff to the machine operators to the quality control staff armed with a huge Brown & Sharpe Xcel 7107 CMM with 26"(X), 40"(Y), and 26"(Z) travel envelope. The machine is based on Micromeasure III system software and Data Page I statistical evaluation software.
In June 1992, Beacon installed two large five-axis milling machines: a five-axis profiler with a 50" x 120" travel envelope and 30 HP spindle; and a SNK twin spindle, 20,000 rpm, CNC core mill with 8 ft x 30 ft of travel.
Eco-friendly travel envelopes are made of 100% natural burlap from Eco-Friendly Market, also in the Philippines.
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