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a geographic, ethnogeographic, regional-studies film, which depicts the natural features of a country or geographic region and shows the economically and cultur-ally valuable life and work of the people. Many films are devoted to travels and expeditions. The first travelogue was made in 1895 by the Lumiere brothers in France. Travel-ogues subsequently became very popular in England, France, and the USA. They were first made in Russia in 1907. The first Soviet travelogue appeared in the mid-1920’s. Many films were produced about travels and expeditions. A series of short travelogues entitled Travels Through the USSR was created in the late 1940’s. In 1960 a creative production workshop was formed for the production of geo-graphic films about the Soviet Union and other countries. The production of Almanac of Filmed Travels, a collection of films about travels in the USSR and other countries of the world, was begun in 1963.


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Qudsiya Qureshi, too, lists Maah-i-Maghrib as Urdu's first-ever published Haj travelogue. After that we see a steady flow of Haj travelogues in Urdu.
ISLAMABAD -- The 40th death anniversary of prominent Urdu poet, humourist, travelogue writer and columnist Ibn-e-Insha was observed on Thursday.
He was also well-known for his ghazal composed and sung by Patiala singer Ustad Amanat Ali Khan:Insha jiUtho abkooch Karo Is sheher mein jikolaganakya.Other than that, he published several books in different genres, includingChand Nagar, Dil-e-Wehshi, Billo Ka Basta (Rhymes for Children) travelogue: Awara Gard Ki Diary, Dunya Gol Hey, Ibn BattutaKay Taqub mien, Chaltay Ho To Cheen Ko Chaliye, Nagri Nagri Phira Musafar and humor: Aap se kya Parda, Khumar e Gandum, Urdu Ki Aakhri Kitaab and c0llection of letters,Khat Insha Jee Kay.
Singh conscientiously debunks the Utopic image of Tibet as how it is often projected in many travelogues and critically examine various rituals and practice like death ritual where the dead body is hacked methodically and fed to vultures, despite its altruistic purpose of being useful in death to vultures, yet the unseemly sight appears bizarre and irreverent.
While accounts of travels to foreign lands have now become a fairly well-established genre in Urdu prose writing, not much attention has hitherto been paid to travelogues [whether to Europe or elsewhere] penned by women of the Indian subcontinent.
Pottekatt's travelogues belonged to the first category and he never used his pen to eulogize himself.
Of particular note are Ana Pinto's impressive essay on Mandeville's Travels, which argues persuasively for the influence of the genre of the rihla (Muslim travelogue) on its organization and content (3-57); Cong Ellen Zhang's discussion of Lu You's treatment of famous places and ordinary people in his account of travels on the Yangzi River (205 30); and Adriano Duque's essay comparing Benedict the Pole's account of the Carpine expedition to Mongolia to the medieval mappamundi (233-48).
He was speaking as chief guest at the launching ceremony of a travelogue titled Chalo Cheen Chalain by Riazur Rehman Sagar.
LOS ANGELES: Sarah Palin is close to a deal for her travelogue reality show.
The rejection of a romanticized version of America's relationship with Europe marked the beginning-of-the-end of the travelogue romance, which Shandley details in the final chapter, "The End of the European Romance." He notes that by the 1960s, the runaway romance relied heavily on "stock characters," and as is the case with most genres had become a parody of itself.
Her delineation of this genre indicates how Russian travelogues and identity are inextricably linked.