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Processing nodes in a graph one at a time, usually in some specified order. Traversal of a tree is recursively defined to mean visiting the root node and traversing its children. Visiting a node usually involves transforming it in some way or collecting data from it.

In "pre-order traversal", a node is visited __before__ its children. In "post-order" traversal, a node is visited __after__ its children. The more rarely used "in-order" traversal is generally applicable only to binary trees, and is where you visit first a node's left child, then the node itself, and then its right child.

For the binary tree:

T / I S / D E

A pre-order traversal visits the nodes in the order T I D E S. A post-order traversal visits them in the order D E I S T. An in-order traversal visits them in the order D I E T S.
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Crossing over. Passing through. See NAT traversal.
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For example, when the current depth of PU is 0 and 1, the original traversal mode list is {0, 1, 2, 10, 18, 26, 34}.
2 delivers an action-packed game that will test your reflexes with traversal and combat.
Traversal performance suffers greatly at such cost as early as depths two or three.
The web traversal pattern or user traversal sequence is the sequence of web pages traversed or visited by the user in a particular session, stored in the web logs and analyzes to understand the user's interest and habit etc.
[10] modified the triangle traversal strategy proposed by Chou and Tseng [8] to effectively determine the mark triangles.
Since some of the binary tree traversal sequences can uniquely determine a binary tree (Knuth, 1973; Tang, 2001, 2010, 2011; Makinen, 2000), if there was only one binary tree to encrypt/decrypt, it was easy to be attacked.
The graph engine in Cassandra cleverly implements an index-free graph adjacency model on top of the existing Cassandra wide-column model, allowing the graph engine to benefit from Cassandra scalability and clustering capabilities while preserving fast graph traversals. The DSE graph capability is exposed through the open source Gremlin language.
This paper describes and evaluates strategies that recursive traversal, are utilized by a number of binary translation and optimization structures [19].
Haivision's Makito X encoder features multiple options to easily manage firewall traversal, including rendez-vous mode.
Gate sizing changes the effect of electrical masking for the logic gates inherently, but its order of traversal is determined by all three masking effects of the SET.
The Steerable Pipe Ranger includes full proportional steering enabling traversal of meandering pipe with 45 degree and 90 degree turns.