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Processing nodes in a graph one at a time, usually in some specified order. Traversal of a tree is recursively defined to mean visiting the root node and traversing its children. Visiting a node usually involves transforming it in some way or collecting data from it.

In "pre-order traversal", a node is visited __before__ its children. In "post-order" traversal, a node is visited __after__ its children. The more rarely used "in-order" traversal is generally applicable only to binary trees, and is where you visit first a node's left child, then the node itself, and then its right child.

For the binary tree:

T / I S / D E

A pre-order traversal visits the nodes in the order T I D E S. A post-order traversal visits them in the order D E I S T. An in-order traversal visits them in the order D I E T S.


Crossing over. Passing through. See NAT traversal.
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The web traversal pattern or user traversal sequence is the sequence of web pages traversed or visited by the user in a particular session, stored in the web logs and analyzes to understand the user's interest and habit etc.
RFC 5766: Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN): Relay Extensions to Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)
The proposed approach in this paper is the first initiative to construct the PEGASIS chain based on a traversal of the minimum spanning tree formed using the sensor nodes.
With the VoiceFlow network-hosted NAT traversal application, USA Datanet can deliver VoIP service to its customers without adding additional premises equipment.
A traversal in NewYacc is the term for a dynamic path of control or "walk" through the constructed parse dag and corresponds to a single translation of the input.
We have seen a dramatic increase in demand from our customers to deliver Eyeball's industry-leading NAT traversal solutions to mobile devices.