tree of heaven

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tree of heaven:

see ailanthusailanthus
, any tree of the genus Ailanthus, native to the warm regions of Asia and Australia. Ailanthus wood is sometimes used for cabinetmaking and for the manufacture of charcoal.
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Rangers are drafting a plan to remove the invasive tree of heaven growing outside the town sites, while simultaneously managing its growth within the town site as a historically significant species.
Allelopathic and herbicidal effects of extracts from tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima).
In winter, the MidAtlantic team applies herbicide to the stems of tree of heaven, privet, barberry, multiflora rose, and Japanese honeysuckle, cutting where aesthetics dictate.
Strange Birds in the Tree of Heaven by Karen Salyer McElmurray.
According to Delaware Online, the spotted lanternfly attacks trees such as the tree of heaven and walnut, and leaves oozing weeping wounds in the trees.
To prevent the spread of the tree of heaven, the disease is repeated several times depending on the work as follows:
The Holm oak is among six species, including Himalayan knotweed, large-flowered waterweed, pickerelweed, tree of heaven and Turkey oak, listed as "ones to watch" in the report.
Swithinbank recalls being asked: "If I was a tree, what sort would it be and why?" "I said: 'I suspect I'm more like a spreading shrub with rather jolly flowers, but wishfully thinking, would like to be a Tree of Heaven - sort of heavenly but rather high maintenance.'" Robson recalls the panel being asked about the effectiveness of growlights.
Features included cedars of Lebanon, among the finest in the country, a Tree of Heaven, a magnificent magnolia, and peacocks strutting about the garden' Caernarfon carpenter Io Lloyd is pictured repairing wooden beams at Capel Gwydir near Llanrwst, on December 6 1956.
CHILDREN from Clubmoor paid tribute to World War II veterans by planting a Chinese tree of heaven.
Two hundred years ago, a Philadelphia gardener imported the Chinese tree of heaven (Ailanthus altissima), and Chinese immigrants later introduced it on the West Coast.
Evans sees tree of heaven and Japanese barberry, garlic mustard and stilt grass invading the heart of the forest.