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a. (in playing the violin, cello, etc.) the rapid repetition of a single note produced by a quick back-and-forth movement of the bow
b. the rapid reiteration of two notes usually a third or greater interval apart (fingered tremolo)
2. (in singing) a fluctuation in pitch
3. a vocal ornament of late renaissance music consisting of the increasingly rapid reiteration of a single note
4. another word for tremulant
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in music, the rapid reiteration of one tone, of two tones separated by an interval of at least a third, or of two chords, provided at least one note in the first chord is separated by a third or more from at least one note in the second.

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Hsu [11] applies the method by utilizing the vibrato and tremolo. Salamon uses the distributions of characteristics to filter out the nonvocal melodies.
The performers took iconic songs like "Winter in America," with its stark-naked beauty and message, and hammed them up by giving them too much slickness and "life." Scott-Heron, though he never looked comfortable, always seemed relaxed, and other than that strange tremolo in his voice he never pushed.
Back together for a 40th anniversary tour with ace guitar man Brinsley Schwarz in the fold, the Ducks combine Stones/Feelgoods style driving rock with country The Robin was nowhere near capacity, but Coast to Coast and Tremolo Bay helped fill the gaps nicely.
The especially unique features of his vocal style (patah nyawa) are the use of glides from one note to another, as well as the extensive use of a shaking technique with the vocal chords to produce slight gradations of pitch on certain sustained tones within a given melodic line (the term "tremolo" is used for this technique in the musical transcription seen in Example 3).
Spector drums and tremolo guitar lend the seven minute Postcard a surf pop tint.
The tremolo that crept into her voice just for that song might have made the inimitable Asha Bhonsle proud of the young talent's performance, and when she hit the high notes, she exhibited her range of voice and her hold over the seven notes.
Four measures of tremolo emphasize the ecstasy of the poet at the line "you are our true life." The song concludes with accelerating contrary motion patterns in the piano, reaching fff and sfz at the attacca into the slow melodic movement of the organ-like sixteen measure introduction to the second song.
A Concord Music Group presentation of a Tremolo production.
of light, tremolo. My days serrate and night opens from my sleeve.
Pedalboard adds an assortment of 30 guitar stompbox pedals that can be arranged in any order to produce a wide variety of lush, creative effects including overdrive, distortion, fuzz, delay, chorus, flange, phaser, tremolo, treble boost, wah and more.