trench box

trench box, trench shield

trench box
A heavily braced box of wood or steel which can be moved along a trench bottom as excavation and pipe laying
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Approximately 22 m drainage channels within the building approximately 12 m pressure pipe for wastewater approximately 36 pcs of trench box - reinforced concrete works.
Leicester has received a $5,000 grant to buy a trench box to protect Highway Department employees working in ditch lines.
Are excavations more than 5 feet in depth adequately protected by shoring, trench box, or sloping?
Powershot also received two serious citations, with 52,700 in proposed fines, for employees in the trench working beneath undermined asphalt and an unsupported concrete slab and for not using a trench box according to its manufacturer's specifications.
The contractor should either use substantial bracing, such as a trench box, or cut the trench to the angle of repose in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.
The inquiry heard evidence from the Health and Safety Executive that Hamish could have taken measures to make the trench safer, such as levelling the ground or using a trench box.
Corrective action: Provide adequate protection from cave-ins, such as a trench box, shoring, or sloping.
The Icon Group offers the finest shoring products, including cost-efficient, customized slide-rail sheeting systems, as well as the newest aluminum and steel trench box systems, hydraulic shoring boxes, boring and tank pits, DOT-approved tunnel access pits and more.
no trench box, benching, sloping, or shoring) that could have prevented the collapse of the trench.
The source said: "It seems he was trying to guide a trench box in when the whole thing collapsed.
Our analysis so far indicates that 74% of those 34 deaths were due to soil cave-ins, and 75% showed no use of any kind of protective trench box or shield," said Devora, a former safety supervisor for a general contractor in Texas.