trench fever

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trench fever:

see rickettsiarickettsia
, any of an order (Rickettsiales) of very small microorganisms, many disease-causing, that live in vertebrates and are transmitted by bloodsucking parasitic arthropods such as fleas, lice (see louse), and ticks.
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Trench Fever


(Wolhynian fever, five-day fever), an epidemic disease belonging to the rickettsioses. It was first described by the German scientists H. Werner and H. His in 1916. It is transmitted by lice. Major epidemics of trench fever broke out among the troops during World War I (1914-18) on the Western and Eastern fronts (especially in Volyn’ [Wolhynia] Province; hence the name), in the Balkans, and in Syria and Mesopotamia.

trench fever

[′trench ‚fē·vər]
A louse-borne infection that is caused by Rickettsia quintana and is characterized by headache, chills, rash, pain in the legs and back, and often by a relapsing fever.
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Some soldiers were grateful to get trench fever as it gave them a bit of time away from the trenches," said Dr Atenstaedt.
He contracted trench fever at he end of October 1916 and was then sent back to hospital in Birmingham.
He fell ill with trench fever three months later from the bites from lice that lived in the seams of his uniform and he was sent back to Britain to recover.
Clearly there were many soldiers who received serious injuries as a result of direct conict but trench foot and trench fever were also serious enough to result in removal from front-line service.
Unfortunately, the fact that the cause of trench fever is known to be the Bartonella quintana bacterium rather undercuts her argument.
Raised in Riverside, Cardiff, he suffered tragedy at a very young age when his father died with trench fever when he was only two weeks old.
Lice also carry diseases such as typhus and relapsing and trench fever.
He contracted trench fever at the end of October 1916 and was then sent back to hospital in Birmingham.
Tull survived but was invalided back to Britain with trench fever.
99); Trench Fever by Christopher Moore (Little, Brown pounds 17.
MY company never had a case of trench fever or frostbitten feet either.
More recently, trench fever has occurred sporadically in urban areas, mainly among homeless persons, drug-addicted persons, and HIV-positive patients in Europe and the United States (1).