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The process of determining which casualties (as from an accident, disaster, military battle, or explosion of nuclear weapons) need urgent treatment, which ones are well enough to go untreated, and which ones are beyond hope of benefit from treatment.
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in medieval France the right and custom of lords to allot to themselves a portion of the common lands, usually one-third. Triage, widely practiced in the 18th century, was abolished by the French Revolution.

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The primary objective of this study was to investigate the detection rate of fractures by triage nurses applying the Ottawa foot rule.
As implemented in our PER, the CPETS provides clear computer-administered guidance to triage nurses, leading them to check patient variables item by item, resulting in a more comprehensive assessment, regardless of the triage nurse's experience.
The triage function was decentralized to the pod level but the clinic found that it also needed to have at least one triage nurse at the clinic level to accommodate patients who didn't have a close relationship with a pod.
It's a lot better to prepare for that day now than wait until you find yourself playing triage nurse to a flat-lining database as your systems are slammed and your frustrated consumers are going elsewhere.
This guide provides new and seasoned nurses, preceptors, educators, and management teams with foundational skills that can be used throughout the triage orientation process as well as when practicing as an experienced triage nurse. Concepts highlighted include building confidence in the triage role, accurately assessing patient presentations, reducing personnel and hospital liability, increasing patient and staff satisfaction, and delivering quality patient care that supports best outcomes.
"So you have to wait for the likes of a triage nurse before you can give a patient handover.
"But even when she was with the triage nurse he was trying to put us off having tests done because they were so busy.
"On walking into the triage room, she miscarried on the floor and passed the foetus at the feet of the triage nurse.
Although he spoke to a triage aide upon his arrival, he was never formally registered nor spoken to by a triage nurse. He was discovered dead in the waiting room 34 hours after his arrival.
You provide care and make decisions regarding the care of a group of patients, manage a team of colleagues on a busy med/surg unit or ICU, or perhaps you are the Triage Nurse in a very busy ER.
She spoke to a triage nurse who told her Chantelle probably had an upper respiratory tract infection and advised giving her Calpol.
His wife Barbara said the couple had arrived at the acute medical unit at 7pm and Mr Eaton was seen by a triage nurse - but they waited eight hours before a doctor was available.