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The process of determining which casualties (as from an accident, disaster, military battle, or explosion of nuclear weapons) need urgent treatment, which ones are well enough to go untreated, and which ones are beyond hope of benefit from treatment.



in medieval France the right and custom of lords to allot to themselves a portion of the common lands, usually one-third. Triage, widely practiced in the 18th century, was abolished by the French Revolution.

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En la medida en que hay un mayor numero de traslados, se produce una reduccion del tiempo en el servicio, especialmente para los pacientes de los triages II y III, se reducen la ocupacion y el numero de personas que permanecen al final, y se da un ligero aumento en el numero de atendidos.
En las estrategias mixtas, aunque no hay cambios muy significativos, se destaca la numero 6 al combinar la reorganizacion del registro con la remision de los triages IV y V.
"The triage works on a system that the patient will be taken for a check-up in private to decide whether the case is hot or cold and depending on this the patient will be guided further.
Any indication of risk or request for services triggers a call to the Telephonic Triage line.
Telephonic Triage. Telephonic Triage provides jails with 24/7 access to a licensed mental health professional, who uses a research-based assessment instrument to identify and scale an inmate's mental health risk.
(3) It includes standardized screening instruments, telephonic triage, jail-management protocols and mental health follow up.
Three questions related to behavioral indicators of suicide, mental illness or negative reactions to the charge are immediate prompts for a call to the Telephonic Triage Line (described below).
The South African Triage Scale (adult version) provides valid acuity ratings when used by doctors and enrolled nursing assistants.
The TEWS score was then matched to the SATS discriminator list and an appropriate triage score allocated.
We also considered patients in our subset who were inappropriately triaged by each triage tool.
As the authors point out, the CTS was developed by the Cape Triage Group and reported on in this Journal.
We held the inaugural meeting of the South African Triage Group (SATG) in Durban in June 2006, consisting of 59 representatives from all nine provinces.