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The process of determining which casualties (as from an accident, disaster, military battle, or explosion of nuclear weapons) need urgent treatment, which ones are well enough to go untreated, and which ones are beyond hope of benefit from treatment.
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in medieval France the right and custom of lords to allot to themselves a portion of the common lands, usually one-third. Triage, widely practiced in the 18th century, was abolished by the French Revolution.

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Future research should be focused around long-term patient outcome data, patient satisfaction, and cost-effectiveness in relation to NP-led specialty clinics and triage methods, in particular, NP-led outpatient spinal clinics responsible for triaging patients.
This implies that the excellent interrater agreement and accuracy when triaging written case scenarios in this study may be applicable to triaging patients.
Keywords: Ethical Challenges, ER, ED, PNC, COE, Proxy signatures, Triaging, Mix Study, Emergency Situation.
These nurse hotlines have played a critical role in triaging cases to the most appropriate level of care, as well as providing self-care guidelines for minor medical conditions.
She averred that, based on her review of the medical records, and her education, training, and experience, it was her opinion that Nurse Posey had violated accepted nursing practices by not accurately triaging the patient and not seeing to it that he was seen by a physician in a timely manner.
The study compared three strategies for getting the staffs of hospital emergency departments to apply the Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI) when triaging patients.
Human papilomavirus testing appears to be slightly better than standard repeat Pap smears in triaging women with equivocal cytology results, according to preliminary results from a large National Cancer Institute trial.
wherein staff at various levels would be "triaging" patients.
The Princess of Wales Hospital will have additional triaging and a larger assessment area for walk-in Emergency Department patients.