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The process of determining which casualties (as from an accident, disaster, military battle, or explosion of nuclear weapons) need urgent treatment, which ones are well enough to go untreated, and which ones are beyond hope of benefit from treatment.



in medieval France the right and custom of lords to allot to themselves a portion of the common lands, usually one-third. Triage, widely practiced in the 18th century, was abolished by the French Revolution.

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University hospitals can, and should, take a lead in providing hands-on training for pre-hospital personnel through NGOs to ensure development of competent and confident workers who can perform pre-hospital triaging.
The 2007 case series: At the start of the new triaging process, triage form collection boxes were placed in the acute care, medical emergency and medical outpatient clinic rooms; the nurses and medical officers attending to patients completed the triage forms, which the principal investigator collected on a daily basis and stored in boxes in a locked office.