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1. the state of existing as a separate tribe or tribes
2. the customs and beliefs of a tribal society
3. loyalty to a tribe or tribal values
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in contemporary literature and in the political sphere, a concept that has a wide range of meanings: the surviving archaic institutions and organizations of clan and tribal societies; the archaic features in social development; the stage of relatively little ethnic differentiation; the mutual hostility of ethnic groups; the policy of ethnic chauvinism that grants advantages and privileges to an ethnic group as a whole or to some of its members; and the exploitation of ethnicity for political ends.

In the past as well as in the present, tribalism has been widely used by the colonialists in their efforts to hamper national liberation movements, and by the local forces of political reaction in their struggle for power. As interpreted by representatives of Africa’s progressive forces, the concept of tribalism is associated with all that is reactionary and damaging to national unity. The African progressives wage a firm struggle against all manifestations of tribalism and contrast it to the concept of “nation.”

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Geingob denied that tribalism and racism is pervasive in the country however it is only showing 'its ugly head' now in Namibia.
As the paper declared its position in yesterday's edition, tribalism is divisive and does not promote unity for nation building, a process pastors should be part of.
There is an alternative to a revolution, but it's hard and requires the strength to resist the seduction of tribalism. If we can find the strength and wisdom to elect leaders on the basis of their record of achievement in politics, rather than on their tribe, then we need not start ordering guillotines.
Nonetheless, Goldberg is on the nail when he espies the tribalism in these ideologies.
Tribalism in medieval times had a value to organise people in communities to facilitate their lives but it does not have any appeal for a civilised and enlightened community.
The CPJ coordinator further urged the government to tackle tribalism issues in the country while appealing to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to help in mediation between both communities.
Tribalism is so very damaging to us all; it's what allows the football industry to exploit fans and underpins the obscene money-making machine it has become, without tribalism it would collapse: tribalism is what divides us politically and holds us back socially.
If, as Cooke posits, tribalism is not archaic but only traditional, it becomes difficult to parse what sort of difference distinguishes tribal and modern practices.
To survive - and yes we can, to seek hope - it cannot possibly be worse, or be asphyxiated by the wanton, sociopathic tribalism of the Westminster Establishment.
And when we all observe what horrors are created by tribalism, one might have hoped that British nationalists, in all their silly shapes, from fascists to Eurosceptics, from tartan armies to English hooligans, from separationists to little Englanders, from isolationists to xenophobes, from Tory Colonel Blimps to angry Ukip supporters, could come to see that the basic fault lies in them, that they cannot grasp a higher vision than their own prejudice.
In today's political discourse, we don't hear the term tribalism in relation to political parties, but that is exactly the behavior exhibited by Republicans.
Clearly, globalism is in sharp contrast to tribalism. The former