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(1) In classical prosody, a foot consisting of three short syllables.

(2) In Russian versification, the term sometimes refers to a dactyl, amphibrach, or anapest that lacks an accent, for example:

Pervoe délo u deda—

Potolkovat’ s muzhikom.

(N. A. Nekrasov)

Such omissions were rare in the 19th century, occurring primarily in the first foot of a dactyl, as in the above example. In the 20th century they became more common and occurred both at the beginning of lines and in the middle of lines.

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Before the measurements a tribrach with a micrometric table were installed on the observation pillar.
For high-accuracy work, the RFP should always specify that the optical plummets and bubble levels of the tribrachs, which hold the antennas on the tripods, be checked before and after each day of observations to ensure proper calibration.
It can be interchanged with traverse targets, prisms, fixed-height carriers, optical plummet tribrachs, and other devices without any loss of centering accuracy.