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any muscle having three heads, or points of attachment, but especially the triceps brachii at the back of the upper arm. One head originates on the shoulder blade and two on the upper-arm bone, or humerus. Uniting part of the way down the arm, the heads swell into the belly, or muscle proper. This tapers to a tendon that rounds the elbow and attaches to the ulna, the larger of the two forearm bones. Since contraction of the triceps straightens the arm, the muscle is called an extensor. It also helps lock the elbow when the forearm pushes forward against resistance. The triceps works in coordination with a flexor muscle, the bicepsbiceps
, any muscle having two heads, or fixed ends of attachment, notably the biceps brachii at the front of the upper arm and the biceps femoris in the thigh. Originating in the shoulder area, the heads of the biceps merge partway down the arm to form a rounded mass of tissue
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 brachii of the upper arm.
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a muscle that arises from three heads. The triceps muscle of the arm, situated on the posterior surface of the humerus, extends the forearm at the elbow joint. The triceps muscle of the calf is at the back of the leg below the knee; it consists of the two-headed gastrocnemius muscle and the one-headed soleus muscle, and it flexes the foot at the ankle joint.

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any muscle having three heads, esp the one (triceps brachii) that extends the forearm
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