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An eye disorder characterized by the misdirected inward growth of the eyelashes, causing trauma to the cornea.
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the abnormal growth of eyelashes into the eyeball, which causes pain, lacrimation, and traumatic defects of the cornea. Trichiasis may be congenital or acquired as a result of scarring in the region of the hair follicles, for example, in trachoma and other diseases. It involves the lashes of one or both eyelids. Treatment includes the removal of the ingrown eyelashes, coagulation of the hair follicles by means of diathermy, and plastic surgery.


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Legs: Hind femur on ventral surface with small sets of brochosomes (see Rakitov, 2002), and a few brochosomes on the trichoma at the base of the trichobothria.
Some groups have distinct epidermal hairs; for example, the Iriarteeae have large basal cells and unicellular trichoma. Hair bases in some Borasseae, Areceae, Ceroxyleae, and Hyophorbeae are multicellular and sclerotic.